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Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch

Review Last Updated: July 9, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • Screen resolution of 128 x 128 pixels
  • Auto records shots & distance for easy post round analysis
  • Automatically updates your favorite courses for free
  • Includes smart phone notifications
  • Up to 15 hours of battery life in GPS mode and 8 weeks in watch mode


Golf has always been a great sport, but the introduction of technology to the game has made the game a lot more interesting.

In 2020, there are all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that will help improve your golf game – one of the best ones being the GPS golf watch.

GPS golf watches can improve most aspects of your golf game – from your efficiency to your confidence.

Knowledge is power, and this watch will certainly provide you with the knowledge you need to lower your golf score.

The Garmin s20 GPS Golf Watch is one of the best golf watches on the market, so keep reading for our review of the watch, including a list of the features, and the pros and cons.


  • Watch design
  • Pedometer and sleep tracker
  • Sunlight readable
  • Integrates with Garmin Connect


  • Smaller screen (0.9x0.9")

Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch Product Review

Preloaded with over 40,000 courses around the globe, this watch identifies the course you’re the closest to – all you have to do is select it when it appears on the screen.

The Garmin Approach moves with you as you go from hole to hole, tracking your steps, shot distance, scores, swings – pretty much everything you could ask for it to track.

On each hole, the s20 will tell you how far/ close you are to different areas of the green. It also picks up on hazards – so you’ll know to steer clear of the nearest bunker! That feature alone is sure to shave points off your game.

The built-in activity tracking system automatically loads up your results after each round, so don’t stress about the lack of touch screen on this gadget!

This GPS watch is great if you’re looking to improve your swing! The watch features an autoshot round analyzer, which can measure the shot distances with auto-recording – so when you’re finished, you can take a look and review your swing.

You can also use this watch off the course – it can be used as a sleep tracker and a pedometer, and it can be used to monitor your health. It’s the perfect alternative to a standard watch that will help you become a healthier person.


When connected to your phone, you can receive notifications on the watch such as texts, incoming calls, and WhatsApp messages.

It will certainly save you time – the days of frantically trying to unzip your pocket whenever you receive a notification are over – just lift up your hand and look at the Garmin watch!

The Approach s20 works best with the Garmin Connect app. Once paired, you’ll be able to track more health and fitness-related data.

You can create new workouts, share information with (and get advice from) the Garmin fitness community, and even build courses.


The s20 boasts a simple, basic design. The actual watch is a flat, square shape, just slightly larger than a regular watch.

The design is somewhat similar to that of a digital watch – with a high-contrast, pixelated style.

The high-contrast is perfect for sunny days, as you can clearly see the screen even in the brightest of conditions.

The rubber strap is comfortable on your wrist, and super easy to adjust to your wrist size. The silicone material is a great choice as it has high resistance in both high and low temperatures.
Unlike many other portable golf gadgets, this watch is super lightweight. Weighing only 1.5 ounces, you’ll barely feel it on your wrist.

One of the bonuses of the watch is that it’s waterproof, making it perfect to use in any weather! It’s not recommended that you completely submerge the watch underwater, but a light shower certainly won’t inflict any damage.


If you’re on the market for an affordable, basic GPS watch for golf that tracks what you need it to track, then it’s definitely worth investing in the Garmin Approach s20 GPS Golf Watch.

The watch is highly rated amongst golfers, as for its cost it offers a wide range of useful features, from notifying you of nearby hazards to tracking your steps.

To improve, you need to know what you’re not doing too well on. This watch will give you all the information you need to become a pro on the course.

Have you tried any of the Garmin GPS Golf Watches? What are your thoughts on the s20?

Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your golfing friends!

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