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Review Last Updated: May 5, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • 10 x 7 x 6 foot open size
  • 11mm fiberglass
  • 60-day return policy
  • Available in black or white


Today we'll be reviewing the GALILEO Golf Net.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Safe to use
  • Convenient
  • Suitable for most clubs
  • Durable


  • Comes without a teeing mat

GALILEO Golf Net Product Review

The GALILEO Golf Net has several features that will have you on your way to improving your abilities in no time.

Made from stable materials, this net will be durable enough for repeated use. The fiberglass support rod weighs just one third the weight of a traditional iron pipe, and won’t suffer from the rust or deformation that iron pipes often do.

This is a safe piece of equipment to use inside your house or in your yard, so you don’t need to worry about anyone who might be in the area.

This means you can improve your technique in a relaxed environment that suits you, rather than needing to head to a crowded space that might make you feel uncomfortable and impede your concentration levels.

There are few things worse than a cumbersome piece of equipment, and the good news is that this is quite the opposite.

It comes with a durable carry bag and is very easy to set up or fold away, taking around 2 minutes to do so.

If you’re not satisfied with this product, Galileo has a 60-day return policy and will replace deficient parts for up to a year, so it could be worth taking a chance on this piece of kit if you are impressed by the features listed above.

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