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Best Womens Golf Clubs

Last Updated: March 29, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

Every golfer has different needs, and it’s essential that you know what to look out for when purchasing a complete set of clubs.

For women, this can be an even harder decision to make, as the options can seem less clear.

The demand is rising for complete women’s golf sets.

This means that you can improve your game whilst finding the perfect combination of easy to use, high performing clubs, but there are a number of factors and products to consider in this process.

So, what are the best women’s golf clubs, and how do you choose a set that works for you?

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Precise M5 Ladies Womens Complete Right Handed Golf Clubs Set

The Precise M5 Women’s Golf Clubs Set is another product offering a complete set of clubs for women, with many features that you’ll want to consider when making your decision.

Precise say that these clubs are suitable for golfers of all ability levels, from beginners to avid golfers, and even people who “can only get out to the course a few times a year”.

With oversized club heads, they are reportedly very easy to use.

Although they are not designed with women under 5’3” in mind, the 460cc driver provides high forgiveness and increased distances, so you might want to consider them either way.

If you’re looking to increase your swing speed, these clubs have been designed to help you.

Employing graphite shafts for the woods and irons, your swing could potentially improve your game from the moment you purchase them.

Many people can make it to the green with relative ease and then find themselves struggling, so the putter in this set includes an aiming mechanism that will help you with accuracy in this area.

The pink golf bag and headcovers look good, with the bag featuring spacious pockets for all your storage needs. A solid set of clubs, beginners and intermediate golfers alike have reported good results.


  • Suitable for different ability levels
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight


  • Not designed for women below 5’3”

Wilson Golf Women's Ultra Package Set

The Wilson Women’s Ultra Package Set is a beginner’s golf set that could be ideal for you if you’re looking to improve your game in the early stages of your golfing journey.

With a focus on generating more distance, these clubs utilize many different technological features to achieve higher performance levels for beginners.

With women’s swing speeds in mind, this set of clubs has a low center of gravity throughout in order to promote improved launch characteristics. The driver features a graphite shaft, as does the fairway wood. Graphite shafts tend to be lighter and help with swing speed.

The hybrid club has a steel shaft, which will provide more feedback upon impact and can inform you how your shot has interacted with the ball.

The set also features easy to use zinc irons from 6 to PW and a putter. These irons have large sweet spots and feature perimeter weighting, and this will help you if you’re having trouble with off-center hits.

Overall, this is a useful, complete set for women, designed for beginners but suitable for all ability groups. It also comes with a handy cart bag that features two lifting handles and a number of pockets, so you get what you pay for.


  • Low CG
  • Improved launch
  • Large sweet spot
  • Lightweight
  • Flexible shafts


  • Some users complain about durability

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Golf Set is a complete set of golf clubs that range from a driver all the way through to a putter.

They are highly suitable for those looking to increase distance and general performance, so would be useful for beginners looking to get into the sport.

The driver is a full titanium club with a large sweet spot and high forgiveness. The fairway wood is also very forgiving and is designed to achieve height on each shot.

Next up, the set features a 4 and 5 hybrid. These clubs will increase your confidence and make tricky shots less difficult.

The 6-9 stainless steel irons feature high flight technology, which provides distance, forgiveness, and control.

This is also true for the pitching wedge and sand wedge, for which achieving high shots are particularly important.

The putter features precise face milling, resulting in better accuracy and distance control, essential for getting the ball into the hole.

This set also comes with various headcovers, and a lightweight, durable golf bag which contains pockets, tee holders and a convenient back strap.

Needless to say, this is extremely helpful in transporting your clubs and keeping them safe. This set has everything you could need and is very forgiving, so it’s well worth your consideration.


  • Increased distance
  • Ultimate performance
  • Large sweet spots throughout set
  • Headcovers included with driver, wood and hybrids
  • Comes with bag


  • Might be somewhat basic for intermediate golfers

Aspire X1 Ladies Women’s Complete Golf Club Set

The Aspire X1 Women’s Complete Golf Club Set are strikingly good looking golf clubs, complemented by the matching golf bag and headcovers they come with.

With two sizes on offer, this set can cater to women of different needs. For women 5’3” and above, there is the standard size, and for women 5’3” and below there is the petite option. Length and weight are important for all golfers, so this is an excellent thing to offer and means you can choose your clubs based upon personal preference and ability level.

The ultra-light graphite shafts that come in this set are reportedly 40% lighter than steel alternatives, meaning swing speeds will increase. The driver is a high MOI, 7075 titanium club, and the largest sized driver allowed by the USGA, which means you’ll be able to achieve maximum distance.

The fairway wood has a low center of gravity and is reportedly easy to use. The 5 stainless steel irons are suitable for golfers of all abilities and employ innovative weight distribution. The Deluxe Alignment Putter uses heel-toe weighting, which will help you with off-center putts.

Alongside all of these features, the golf bag has a padded dual shoulder strap and 6 zippered pockets, making it suitable for all occasions.


  • Fast swing speeds
  • Multiple size options
  • Comes with matching bag and headcovers
  • Easy to use


  • Some users report dents upon first use

Tour Edge Bazooka 260 Women's Box Set

In an attractive blue and white finish, the Tour Edge Bazooka 260 Women’s Box Set is a good looking package, but does it deliver on the golf course? Well, for its affordable price the set contains some pretty impressive features.

For example, the 460cc titanium matrix driver has a high MOI, which results in less clubhead twisting and contributes to more forgiveness and longer shots. Designed for consistency, these clubs are good for lower scorers.

Due to its low center of gravity, the 3 wood helps users produce high launch shots and greater stopping power. The 4 hybrid does a similar job and is designed for ease of use.

The clubs in this set are oversized, and the stainless-steel irons benefit from this, with a large sweet spot and high forgiveness. To contribute to this, they feature an impressive undercut cavity.

The putter employs aided alignment and is heel-toe weighted, and this tends to result in more accuracy on the green. There are headcovers for the driver, 3-wood, hybrid, and putter, with a lightweight stand bag meaning you’ll be able to transport your clubs around the course with ease.

The game-enhancing technology used to design these clubs make them a definite contender for any beginners looking to improve.


  • Affordable
  • Good design
  • Good for beginner
  • 460cc driver great for distance


  • Some users reported trouble with grip

Golf is a friendly and welcoming sport that grows every day, and it’s important that all player’s needs are catered to.

Many people have not typically associated women with golfing throughout history, but things have changed for the better, and it’s important that anyone looking to get into this sport has the best tools possible at their disposal.

In this section, you’ll find out what to look for in a set of golf clubs, and why you might need them.


Women’s golf clubs tend to be lightweight and high lofted. This is for a number of reasons, including ease of use and results on the golf course.

A driver is the club people tend to use to begin each match. They are long-distance clubs, designed to hit the ball far and fast.

A driver with a large clubhead and large sweet spot would be useful if you’re looking to achieve these kind of shots as a beginner, but these things are helpful no matter how familiar you are with the sport.

Keep an eye out for drivers with titanium club heads as they are highly effective.

Hybrids & Irons

In your set, it is good to combine hybrids and irons.

The lower in the set, the more useful a hybrid will be. This is because hybrids tend to be lighter, easier to use and more powerful than standard irons, and will give you a high loft, as well as a good amount of distance and stopping power.

Stopping power is crucial, as you might land a perfect shot only to discover that the ball is still rolling far beyond your intended destination.

Hybrids tend to have graphite shafts, which are lightweight and increase swing speeds, whereas irons often have steel shafts. Although steel shafts are somewhat heavier, many more experienced players prefer them due to the response they give upon impact.

You can get a sense of what you’re doing right or wrong, and if this is something you think you need then steel shafts should be considered.

Irons with large sweet spots and perimeter weighting are greatly effective, so you should look out for them when making your decision.

PW (Pitching Wedge) AND SW (Sand Wedge)

These clubs are designed for specific situations. The pitching wedge is often used to hit the ball high over obstacles such as trees or water.

The sand wedge is designed to make getting the ball out of bunkers easier.

Keep an eye out for these clubs in any set when making a purchase, as you will encounter tricky scenarios in any game.


A good putter can go a long way. It’s hard enough to hone the ability to get to the green, and once you do the hard work isn’t over.

A finely tuned putter can act as a remedy to certain troubles in this area. Putters that come with alignment aids are highly useful in this scenario.

This might be a simple ridge in the design of the head or a set of arrows painted onto the crown to indicate where you should be placing your club in the build-up to a shot.

Some putters will also use heel-toe weighting and various other technological features to help with off-center shots.

Bag and Headcovers

A complete set will come with a bag and headcovers. The golfing bag you choose is essential in transporting your clubs across a course.

For this reason, a lightweight bag is best, with lots of storage space for various items you will need to carry with you.

Large pockets and a good backstrap are features to keep in mind. In terms of the headcovers you choose, something that will protect your clubs from various conditions is best.

If you can get a matching bag and set of headcovers, go for it. There’s no harm in looking good on the golf course.


You can’t rely on just one club to achieve golfing greatness, so a complete set of good quality clubs is a must for anyone looking to produce results.

You also don’t want to go beyond your budget only to discover you’ve purchased a fit that isn’t quite right for you.

Considering all of this, the set that covers all bases the most effectively is the Wilson Golf Women’s Ultra Package Set.

Highly affordable and received well by users across the board, these clubs have everything you need to play the sport we all love.

Designed for slower swing speeds, the lightweight clubs will help any player get faster whilst increasing distances.

With perimeter weighting and large sweet spots in the irons, they are easy to use and you’re much less likely to suffer the effects of an off-center hit.

Although they have a somewhat basic design, they still manage to look good, and the lightweight bag and headcovers are easy on the eye.

Overall, these clubs cover the bases necessary when looking for the best women’s golf clubs.

We hope this has been helpful and would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you agree with this selection? Let us know.

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