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Best Golf Gloves

Last Updated: February 6, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

Picking the best golf gloves is a tough job but Golfing without gloves can be disastrous. Not only do gloves protect your hands from blisters and calluses, but they also improve your grip of the club.

Our skin secretes an oily, waxy liquid called sebum – and mixed with water, this can hugely reduce the grip our hands have on the club.

The human hand just isn’t as tacky as materials used in golf gloves, so wearing one can hugely enhance your game.

Golf gloves aren’t just practical accessories though – they make you look the part. All professional golfers wear them, and your golf look will be complete with a nice golf glove on your leading hand.

Keep reading to see our reviews of the best golf gloves, and further down is a buyers guide that will help you make a decision in purchasing your golf gloves.

Our Reviews

Callaway Golf Men's Weather Spann Premium Japanese Synthetic Golf Glove

You’ll certainly look the part in these Callaway Men’s Weather Spann golf gloves. The sleek black and white design will look super suave with any golfing outfit you decide on.

The material over the knuckles features a 4-way stretch for advanced performance.

As the material is synthetic, it’s super breathable. The days of sweat-soaked gloves are over!

For extra grip and durability, Callaway has added reinforced patches on the palm area. This is where the glove usually wears down, so this added material will add to the lifetime of these gloves.

Winter or summer, these gloves will serve you well regardless of temperature or precipitation. The glove has moisture-wicking properties and is super breathable.

The perforations on the fingers, top of the hand, and the palm increase the breathability, ensuring that your hands stay a tolerable temperature during your game.

For an enhanced fit, there’s an Opti fit adjustable closure.

These gloves are super thin, light and convenient – the perfect glove for a bargain price.


  • Reinforced palm patches
  • 4-way stretch on knuckles
  • Premium Japanese material


  • Can wear down after a couple of months

Bionic Gloves Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove

This glove will feel like part of your hand. The gloves’ pre-rotated finger design follows the natural curvature of your hand, fitting like a second skin.

Your grip will be strong when wearing this glove. The patented anatomical pad relief system evens out the surface of your hand, which evens out your pressure on the club. You’re sure to get a lighter grip and keep in full control of your game.

Don’t worry about wear and tear – this premium glove is made of genuine leather, and there’s an additional pad on the palm for extra support and longevity.

Sweaty palms won’t be an issue either with this breathable glove. Lycra is strategically placed between the finger gussets, top of knuckles and running up the pointer finger. This makes the gloves super breathable, which is perfect for hot, humid rounds.

There’s also a terry cloth interior on high-risk zones that manages any excess moisture without affecting your grip.

When dirtied, this glove can be easily washed. Machine wash on a delicate cycle with mild soap – just don’t use any bleach products!

To dry, just lie the glove down flat and air dry.


  • Additional pad on palm for extra support and durability
  • Easily washable
  • Super breathable
  • Genuine leather


  • Not USGA approved

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Gloves

For a helping hand in your golf game, it’s definitely worth looking into the WeatherSof gloves by FootJoy.

These gloves are super durable and should last you through lots of games of golf.

The advanced performance leather makes them feel super comfortable and increases the durability and grip in key stress areas.

Don’t worry about them being too tight or too loose – these gloves will give you the perfect fit. The exclusive FiberSof material provides the most advanced combination of a consistent fit, soft feel and a super-secure grip.

Sweaty hands won’t be an issue either – FootJoy has included a breathable mesh across the knuckles. The soft Powernet mesh will hugely improve breathability, comfort, and flexibility.

A blend of leather, synthetics, and mesh combine to create the perfect glove for golf.

These gloves fasten quickly and easily. The proprietary ComforTab closure comfortably adjusts for a secure and reliable fit.

The white design will go with any golfing outfit, and you’ll look super stylish in this leather-look glove.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Exclusive FiberSof materials are super comfortable
  • Premium Cabretta leather thumb and palm patch


  • Sizing can be on the smaller side

FINGER TEN Men’s Golf Glove

Come rain or come shine, these gloves will ensure you’re well equipped for your golf game.

The thumb area is covered by high-grade Cabretta leather, which will keep you well insulated while not affecting your thumb’s flexibility.

The back of the glove is made of durable synthetic leather, which is super breathable.

For enhanced breathability, lycra spandex has been strategically placed in the finger sections. This is also super flexible, meaning you will have free movement of your fingers with no restrictions from the glove.

When these gloves get dirty, it’s not the end of the world. They can be easily washed on a delicate spin – just leave it out to dry naturally and it will retain its shape.

A two-pack of these gloves work out a lot cheaper than just purchasing the one by itself.

The product comes extremely well packaged, and each glove will be put in a small bag, and then in a paper package for double protection during transit.

All Finger Ten products are eligible for a 30-day return and change.

Make sure you’re extra careful when choosing which hand glove you need, as the sizing/ choices aren’t the clearest.


  • Ball marker included on glove
  • Breathability in key areas
  • Padded thumb for enhanced grip
  • Lycra spandex in fingers for extra flexibility


  • Ball marker falls off easily

Titleist Men's Perma Soft Golf Glove

This Cabretta leather glove will be super soft and comfortable on your hand. Both smooth and light as a feather, this material ensures the glove will hold shape well over many rounds.

It’s not just comfort that this glove offers. The leather used ensured your hand is protected against rain and moisture – being 100% resistant to rain and perspiration, this glove will retain its gripping properties.

The seams on this are strategically placed to avoid interfering with your grip.

Sweaty hands will be the least of your concerns during your game of golf. This glove features a Coolmax mesh slit across the knuckles, which allows optimal airflow through the glove.

This is perfectly positioned for when you flex your hand, giving you that flexible fit.

Also added to enhance breathability are tiny holes dotted down the fingers – just the right size to allow airflow without losing heat in your hands.

The cuff and thumb section is reinforced with satin, which increases both the strength and durability.


  • Cabretta leather
  • Suited to both men and women
  • Resists rain and perspiration
  • Trusted brand


  • Material can wear down quickly

Why Should I Wear a Golf Glove?

  • Improved grip
  • Stylish
  • Looks professional
  • Reduces injury to hands
  • Keep hands warm in cold weather
  • Comfort

What Should I Think About When Choosing the Best Golf Gloves?

Golf gloves aren’t just pieces of fabric that cover your hand. There’s a lot that goes into making the best golf glove, and we are going to explore the things that make a golf glove great.
It’s important, before you buy a glove, to make sure that you get one that fits your dominant “golfing” hand!


Wearing a golf glove hugely enhances your grip of the glove. This is really beneficial to your game, especially in warmer months when you’re likely to have moist hands.
Even the tiniest bit of moisture can make your hand slippy, and gloves completely eradicate this problem.


The type of material used in the glove can determine the durability, wear and overall quality of the glove.

Synthetic Materials

Leather gloves are great but can be quite stiff. This is where synthetics shine – they are usually a lot more flexible and durable than leather materials.

Synthetics are also generally cheaper, and more breathable. They’re a great alternative to 100% leather construction.

Genuine Leather

Leather gloves are super supple and comfortable – probably one of the best-feeling materials out there.
As great as they feel and look, leather gloves, unfortunately, wear out quicker than other materials.
Leather also stretches, so make sure that the glove isn’t too loose or it will end up falling off your hand. A snug fit is best when it comes to leather gloves.


Your gloves should be built to last. Nobody wants a glove that will break after wearing it twice!
You should be able to wear a golf glove in all weather conditions, and the right glove with be able to withstand rain, heat, and sweat.
Durability is something you have to take care of too. For example, if you put them in the wash when they’re not machine washable, they’ll either shrink, break or weaken. You must take care of your gloves to keep them in good condition.


Sweaty hands will make you super uncomfortable, and it will be harder to concentrate on perfecting your swing.

You want your hands to be comfortable, and if your hands are roasting hot, then you won’t be comfortable.

The breathability really depends on the material used and the design of the glove, so bear this in mind before going for a thick leather glove.

Some golf gloves come with holes in to enable the air to flow through freely, but these aren’t that great at keeping the cold out.

Mesh inserts can also be added to increase breathability – but again, won’t keep the cold out.

You must consider what weather you’re likely to be playing in before you make any decisions.


Your glove needs to fit properly, otherwise, it will be more of a hindrance than a help.

It’s best to measure your hand to find your glove size. Here’s how you do it:

  • Lay your hand flat, fingers together, palm upwards
  • Wrap measuring tape around your palm, just below your knuckles, excluding the thumb
  • Measure in inches – round up to the nearest half-inch
  • Check the size chart on the product to match the size you need

It’s worth considering the fastening too. A lot of golf gloves use velcro to fasten, which is super effective but can come undone under pressure.


Most people want to look good – especially with the style expectations that come with being a golfer.

The appearance of a glove may make or break it for you – if it’s a practical glove with lots of grip and breathability, but its pink spots and stripes – you may not go for that one.

Most golf gloves come in white color, with black details. This matches the golfer aesthetic and will go with any outfit you choose for your game.


Golf gloves will enhance your game and give you a perfect grip on your club.

Our top pick has to be the Men’s StableGrip Golf Glove by Bionic.

These gloves are perfect for any weather condition. The super breathable material and added perforations combine to give you the perfect air-flow to your hands.

Great quality is a guarantee – the genuine Cabretta leather gloves will feel like a second skin on your hands.

The top quality material should last you many golf games. Bionic has considered durability when creating this glove, and have added a patented anatomical pad relief system that evens out the surface of your hand, and therefore evening out the pressure on your golf club.

Your hands won’t be restricted either, as the pre-rotated finger design follows your hand’s natural curvature, ensuring the perfect fit while being able to freely move your hands, fingers, and thumb.

Just make sure you follow our guide on sizing and select the right size for you to ensure the perfect fit.

Do you agree with our pick for the best golf glove?
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