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Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Last Updated: April 23, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

Age is something that comes to us all. That’s a simple and unavoidable fact of life, and even those of us who keep fit and healthy throughout the years will find that certain things don’t work quite as smoothly as they used to.

If this means you’re worried about getting results on the golf course, then you’re in luck. The world of golf manufacturing has a wide range of products on offer for senior players and the results are impressive.

Finding the best golf clubs for seniors isn’t always going to be easy, and it’s important to explore various options.

With our help, you’ll be out there on a sunny day in no time, hitting shots like you’re in your prime.

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All Graphite Senior Complete Golf Clubs

Founded in 1987, Precise Golf was originally just a golf cart distributor. Nowadays, they offer a wide variety of premium golfing equipment, and the 14 Piece Men’s All Graphite Senior Complete Golf Clubs Package is one such example.

It includes a titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 5-PW irons, putter, stand bag and 3 headcovers.

The 460cc titanium driver has a large clubhead and large sweet spot. It is lightweight and easy to use. The woods and irons in this set have stainless steel clubheads and are long-lasting, high-performance clubs.

They also have 100% graphite shafts which, as we previously pointed out, is lighter than the steel alternative.

Flex shafts are more flexible than average shafts and tend to be much easier to use, which is useful for senior players and players who struggle to get out on the course as much as they would like due to other commitments.

The stand bag has a fairly basic design but still looks good, and it is lightweight and durable. It features spacious pockets and straps that make transporting it easy.

The three headcovers are used for the driver, fairway wood and hybrid, and share a similar design to the bag.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Flexible


  • Only available for right-handed players

Aspire XD1 Men's Senior Golf Set

The Aspire XD1 Senior Men’s Golf Set was designed with game improvement in mind. Older players who are familiar with the sport will benefit from this, as well as new players who are interested in joining.

The set includes a titanium driver, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, and a putter. Alongside all of this, you get a stand bag and three headcovers.

The 460cc driver is lightweight and has high forgiveness, meaning it can achieve the distance and accuracy every player wants.

The woods and irons in this set feature stainless steel clubheads and graphite shafts, an excellent combination of power, speed, and durability. The graphite shafts are also known as “A-Flex” and are designed to be much more flexible and easier to swing than the average shaft. They are 40% lighter than steel shafts, meaning you won’t struggle with swing speed.

The stand bag is lightweight and easy to carry across the course, which is particularly important for a senior player.

This set features a combination of factors that make it suitable for senior men who still want to get out on the golf course, and the clubs have been generally well-received by most users, so they could be the perfect fit for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Nice design
  • Flexible


  • Not available for left-handed players

Senior Men’s Majek Complete Hybrid Golf Set

The Senior Men’s Majek Complete Hybrid Golf Set is a highly rated golf product that sells well on the market, and there’s a reason for the hype. A right-handed set of 3-PW hybrids, this is an effective alternative to a traditional set of irons.

With maximum whip performance, there’s no need to add extra force to your swing if you’re lacking in speed, as the shaft will meet you halfway to create that whip effect for you.

This is due to the lightweight graphite A flex shafts that many hybrid clubs use due to the impressive results they produce.

They are standard length, suitable for the majority of players who want to make use of a strong set of clubs out there on the golf course.

With more weight situated behind the large sweet spot, you’ll find it easy to get a high loft, maximum forgiveness, and accuracy.

The senior size pro-black velvet grips are comfortable and easy to use.

The Senior Men’s Majek Complete Hybrid Golf Set are assembled by hand in Riverside, California, which is a nice personal touch.

They’re highly popular with users and some say they’re suitable for more than just senior players, which suggests that they’re a good quality set of clubs all around.


  • Lightweight shaft
  • High swing speed
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use


  • Right-handed only

Senior Ladies Majek Full Hybrid Set

The senior ladies Majek full hybrid set of clubs is a complete irons package designed for the older woman who wants to improve their game, with increased ease of use, playability, and enjoyment all round.

The clubs are a full hybrid set of irons, all right-handed and standard length. With graphite shafts, they will be suitable for senior women as they are lighter than standard clubs and much easier to swing, which older players tend to struggle with.

They are perfect for golfers between the height of 5’3” and 5’8”, so if you’re not in that range then you might want to look elsewhere, but if you are then they’ll be a good fit for you.

Distance and speed are a must in any game, so the fact that this set is high lofted with high forgiveness is very beneficial. The clubs feature black pro velvet grip, which is wider and designed for more comfort and playability.

Alongside this, they have easy alignment and increased accuracy on off-center hits, covering the bases so you’ll hit the target with ease.

If you’re finding your traditional set of irons is becoming increasingly harder to use, than this set of hybrids will be a good replacement.


  • High lofted
  • High forgiveness
  • Lightweight


  • May be unsuitable for taller players

Is your swing as fast as it used to be? Do you have a 20/20 vision and the accuracy of a hawk? The answer to these questions is most likely no, but that’s nothing to be concerned about.

Life comes with many joys and hurdles and getting older is just part of that journey. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy golf as much because you aren’t a pro athlete anymore, but it’s essential that you find a good set of clubs to use on all occasions.

For this, there are many things to consider. You wouldn’t want to end up with a set of heavy, cumbersome clubs that barely do the job. In the same vein, ending up with a set of brittle, weak clubs that lack in power can be highly detrimental on the golf course.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered. In this section, we’ll give you an idea of what you should be looking for.


Clubheads are crucial in achieving results, so what makes a good clubhead? Throughout the set, different clubs cater to different needs, and each one has its own purpose.


Not all sets of senior clubs we’ve looked at feature a driver, but we’ll cover that first. You might be satisfied with the driver you already have and want to opt for a new set of irons or hybrid irons, and that’s fine. However, it’s important to understand what makes a driver good for the older generation.

A large clubhead and large sweet spot are highly effective in making up for deficiencies in your game and increasing performance. Using these things to your advantage doesn’t mean you’re bad at the game, it just means you’re utilizing all the available tools to get better results.

Fairway Wood, Hybrid, and Irons

There are similar rules for your fairway wood, hybrid, and irons. High lofted heads are useful. They will make launching the ball much easier and you won’t have to put as much strenuous effort into getting the ball in the air. This is particularly important to consider when looking at a pitching wedge or sand wedge, as these clubs are used to get over obstacles such as trees and lakes or get you out of those tricky bunkers we can all get stuck in from time to time.


With your putter, you will want to consider looking for a club head that has alignment aids on it, such as arrows indicating where your club should be placed, or a particular shape that makes alignment more achievable. This will make the final moment of the game easier and increase confidence in some players.


A lightweight, flexible shaft is important too, as this will ensure faster swing speeds. Distance and power relate directly to how fast your swing is and how flexible your shaft is. Graphite shafts are lighter than steel and will come in handy in these situations. High flexibility is one of the key features in a senior shaft. A highly flexible shaft allows less flexible players such as seniors or beginners to swing the club with ease.

A Change of Approach

It can be unclear to some people that a change of approach is required to keep playing the sport they love, but it often is. In the world of golf manufacturing, companies have recognized this and there are numerous options available for you. Above, some of the key factors of these options have been listed, but one final thing to note is that the design of senior club sets is quite often cutting edge and you shouldn’t view them as inferior to standard sets. The golfing community welcomes everyone equally, so whether you’re looking to purchase a senior set for yourself or for a loved one, remember to choose wisely based on the requirements of each individual.


The products in this guide all have their own pros and cons, but for the best all-round results, we recommend going with the Aspire XD1 Men’s Senior All Graphite Complete Golf Clubs Package. It’s more affordable than some other options and has all the benefits a full set of clubs should have.

If you are simply looking to replace your irons and thinking of buying some new ones, it’s still worth considering this product to fulfill that purpose. You will get the added bonus of the wonderful driver, putter, bag, and headcovers, making it a real draw.

With high forgiveness, they’re accurate and easy to use, which means you’ll see improvements in your game in no time. With the flexible, lightweight shafts, it’s no wonder some users feel 20 years younger when they’re out there on the golf course, and who wouldn’t want that?

This is a stylish set of clubs for the senior player, employing the latest treats in golfing technology to ensure you’ll get the most out of the time you spend playing with them.

So, that’s our choice for the best golf clubs for seniors. Do you agree with our pick? Please let us know what you think, and don’t forget to comment and share.

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