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Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart

Review Last Updated: June 10, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • 18 pounds
  • Sky blue powdered paint finish
  • Upper and lower bag brackets
  • Large mesh tray


If you are looking for a golf push cart that is adaptable for all your golfing needs, then the Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart may be the golf cart for you.

One major issue that golfers have with golf carts is that some models can be fairly inflexible, which means that when wanting to use different golfing equipment, the golf cart is not capable of adapting and therefore becomes essentially useless.

With the Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart, this shouldn’t be a problem as it’s versatile and yet durable design gives you the security to know that you can adapt the cart to your needs without losing any of the sturdiness you need.

If this sounds like the qualities you are looking for in a golf push cart, then please read on, and hopefully, we can give you even more helpful information about this fantastic product.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to fold
  • Lightweight


  • Limited availability

Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart Product Review

The Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart has been designed with versatility in mind and boasts a clever and innovative tracking system that allows the user to simply and quickly adjust the cart to suit their individual preferences.

Additionally, there are several new and updated features on the Sun Mountain, which allow golfers to have a more comfortable, efficient, and easy time when using the golf push cart.

One of the main updates is new and improved upper and lower bag brackets that are more than capable of adapting to fit either hold cart or stand bags in with ease.

These built-in brackets are highly adjustable and can help golfers carry various different types of equipment.

As an added extra, the handle has been redesigned so that not only is it now far more ergonomic and comfortable, but the golfer also gets the added benefit that due to its improved shape, it allows for a larger mesh tray to be included.

The Sun Mountain even comes with an umbrella holder that can fit most medium to large golfing umbrellas and will come in very handy when golfers are traversing the course and get caught in bad weather.

Made from high-quality materials and boasting a sturdy and hardwearing design, the Sun Mountain has also been created with longevity in mind.

This durability means that the golfer who purchases the Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart will not be required to replace it after only a few months and is also getting amazing value for their money.

Many other golf push carts have a tendency to look plain and unfashionable, but with the Sun Mountain’s eye-catching sky blue color scheme, you can be confident that this golf push cart looks great whilst still being extremely functional.

Weighing in at only eighteen pounds, the Sun Mountain is very lightweight when compared directly to its closest competitors.

The combination of a lightweight and yet durable, functional, and fashionable golf push cart the Sun Mountain is definitely one of the most impressive golf push carts available on the market today.

This availability though, is dependent on demand, and as you can imagine, this great product is in extremely high demand, and we, therefore, urge you not to delay your purchase if, after reading this review, you think this is the golf push cart for you.


In conclusion, then, the Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart offers some great functionality and features all at a comparatively reasonable price.

Of course, other more premium models are available on the market, and these would have additional features and functions; however, these would also come with a larger price tag, which may be out of budget for many golfers.

If you are looking for a reasonably priced product that still offers numerous features that will make lugging that golf bag across the course much easier, then the Sun Mountain is definitely one you should consider.

Highly versatile and extremely durable, this golf push cart has been recommended by many experienced golfers recently, and with its great array of features and with an excellent price, it’s easy to see why.

We would happily recommend this golf push cart to our readers and are delighted to award it our coveted Five Star Review rating.

We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the Sun Mountain Speed Cart Gx Golf Push Cart and what you think of our review.

Why not leave us a message via the comments box below and help us continue the discussion.

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