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Search ‘N Rescue Stretcher Golf Ball Retriever

Review Last Updated: May 28, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • 35-foot rope
  • Hardwearing basket
  • High visibility retriever head
  • Weighs less than two pounds
  • Compact design


Today we'll be reviewing the Search ‘N Rescue Stretcher Golf Ball Retriever.

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  • Can collect multiple balls at once
  • Easily stored
  • Innovative design


  • Higher quality retrievers are available

Search ‘N Rescue Stretcher Golf Ball Retriever Product Review

Have you tried other golf ball retrievers and found that they were too slow at collecting balls or too pricey for your needs?

If so, then the Search ‘N Rescue Stretcher Golf Ball Retriever May just solve both those issues for you.

Able to collect multiple balls at once, this golf ball retriever is incredibly unique and comes at an astonishingly low price.

With its 35 foot rope and heard wearing basket, this golf ball retriever can collect up to eight golf balls easily and is perfect for those golfers who are looking to retrieve as many golf balls as quickly as possible.

With its high visibility, bright orange-colored head, and its long, versatile hauling rope, users are able to easily navigate through murky water to recover a massive amount of lost golf balls.

The Search ‘N Rescue Stretcher Golf Ball Retriever is easy to dissemble and once taken apart easily stored away in your golf bag.

One of the most affordable golf ball retrievers on the market today, this lightweight, long-lasting, and innovative golfing aid can help you collect not only your stray balls but those of all your golfing buddies as well.

Able to be shipped outside the United States, this golf ball retriever is sure to be a hit with any golfer looking for a bargain.

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