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Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

Review Last Updated: May 6, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Plastic base
  • Holding case included as standard


Today we'll be reviewing the Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Excellent price
  • Easy setup


  • May lack value for more experienced players

Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor Product Review

The Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor is the perfect training aid for golfers who have recently only just begun to play.

With its simple, easy to use design and setup, the Putting Tutor assists in improving green reading, putting squarely, and putting precision.

Excellent for golfers on a budget due to its extremely competitive price, this is an ideal putting tool for beginners looking to hone their technique with some extra practice.

Users are able to learn how often putts break, simply by adjusting the aim of the putting tutor higher or lower and optimizing until your putts become well struck and start landing.

While many experienced golfers will struggle with the lack of in-depth feedback and could be potentially put off my the Putting Tutors minimalist design, for a beginner wanting to simply focus on putting without added distractions, this tool would be perfect.

A simple yet effective instrument to improve putting this affordable and critically acclaimed training tool has garnered rave reviews recently and will make a great addition to any budding golfers training regime.

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