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Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

Review Last Updated: July 2, 2021
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • Blade putter
  • White-hot face insert
  • Has alignment aids
  • Comes in standard and jumbo grip


Trusted by hundreds of PGA tour pros and famously used by multiple major winners including Phil Mickelson, it’s hard to argue against Odyssey being the number one putter in the golf.

It’s safe to say if you’re looking for a new putter after last week’s catastrophic putting performance, you’re in safe hands, as this Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 putter review will tell you all you need to know about Callaway’s latest bit of technology.


  • High-level performance
  • Easy to use
  • High forgiveness
  • Very responsive


  • Limited color options

Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter Product Review

Putter Features:

Kicking things off, we have broken down all the key features that make up the Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0:

Tour-Winning Face Insert Technology

When it comes to technology in putters, last year Odyssey changed the game with their white-hot insert. A face insert that has dominated and won across multiple golf tours.

This year?

Well, they’ve taken the white-hot insert and made it even better.

The White Hot Pro 2.0 has a white urethane face insert, which provides golfers with a soft and receptive face allowing the putter to have similar characteristics to that of a hard-faced putter but with much more feel and forgiveness.

Proven Head Shapes

Callaway’s white-hot series is available in 6 different head shapes, with all varying lofts and weights. However, the ‘Pro 2.0’ is a classic blade shape. Similar to that of Kevin Na, who is statistically one of the best putters on the PGA Tour.

All Odyssey putters are available in 35, 34, and 33-inches.

EyeFit System

Callaways ‘EyeFit’ system is something Callaway’s R&D team design to help golfers get fitted with the best putter for their stroke.

The EyeFit system tells golfers that the more over the ball you get your eyes when you put, the less toe weight a putter needs.

Simply put, if your eyes are ‘over the ball’ the putting stroke is more ‘straight back and straight through’.

However, the further ‘inside’ your eye line is to the ball the more ‘arc’ the putting stroke has, therefore, requiring more weight in the toe to help the toe catch up through impact to help golfers start the ball on the right line…

Make sense?

The Odyssey White Hot Pro according to the EyeFit system is for golfers with a more conventional putting stroke, that being their eyes slightly inside the ball.

Tour Player Approved Grip:

All Odyssey putters come with a 54 gram, unisex, Odyssey swirl grip. Any product review will tell you, the Odyssey grip has a semi-pistol shape to it and a soft tactile texture to enhance comfort and control.

How does a soft tactile grip benefit you?

Well, it means you won’t have to grip the putter so firmly, ultimately reducing the tension in your hands and increasing the fluidity of your overall putting game. This will directly lead to both better lag putting and alignment.

The Odyssey White Hot Technology:

Now that you’re better educated on the key features that make up an Odyssey White Hot Series Putter, let’s take a deeper look into the Pro 2.0 putter specifically:

White Hot insert:

Blade putters are as classic as they come and are used by a large percentage of successful Tour Players, no more than the greatest golfer of all time: Tiger Woods.

But due to the classic nature and shape of the blade, technology is near enough at its limit in blade putters regarding their shape.

So how did Callaway get around this? They focused on improving the face insert.

To those unaware, the ‘face’ of a putter is the part that comes into contact with the ball. If you look back into the archives of golf technology, you’ll see traditionally the face of a blade putter was made from metal. Callaway revolutionized this with their insert technology.

A face insert is what Callaway designed to be placed into the face of their putters. The White Hot face insert is made from the same material as golf balls: urethane.

Despite the insert being made out of urethane, it still goes through the same laser milling cutting process as metal putters, however providing golfers with a much softer feel, better sound, and increased overall performance.

Performance Demands:

As golfers improve and get better, so does their demand for better equipment. That’s why the Callaway Odyssey putter is one of the most popular putters used by players on the PGA Tour.

Performance for you might not be as important as it is for a pro. However, one thing you’ll both have in common: is a desire to hole more putts, and what’s the best way to do that without working on your stroke? Using a trusted putter like an Odyssey White Hot Pro.

Toe Weight Placement

Toe weight placement is a massively under looked key to better putting performance. As mentioned previously, Callaway introduced an EyeFit system for their Odyssey white hot putters.

This enabled golfers to improve putting performance without having to really change anything about their alignment or putting stroke.

How can you improve without changing your putting stroke? Toe Weight Placement.

The weight on the toe of Odyssey White Hot Pro putters is a key variable of club closure rate. The more away from the ball you stand, the more around you you’ll swing, and consequently, the more the toe of the White-Hot Pro 2.0 putter will need to close through impact to start the ball on the right line.

All Hot Pro 2.0 putters have varying weights on their toe, which is why it’s important you know how you swing.

Similar to the head shape, the neck hosel of a putter is also a personal preference. Some neck hosel shapes will better suit some golfer eyes compared to others.

Tour Pros:

You will see an abundance of tour players using an array of Odyssey White Hot Pro putters. There is not one putter head shape or size that fits all. Therefore, golfers should spend time researching which putter is best suited to them and their technique.

Tour players have all bought into Odyssey’s White-Hot face inserts. Look no further than the Top 25 players in the world, 6 of the top 15 stars use a variation of Odyssey White Hot Pro putter.

Tour Pros using Odyssey:

Marc Leishman

Xander Schauffele

Tommy Fleetwood

Webb Simpson

Phil Michelson

John Rahm

Benefits of Odyssey Blade Putters:

Blade putters are some of the hottest putters on the market. When golfers picture iconic golfing moments they’re usually that of Tiger using his bladed putter. Let’s dive into the benefits of a blade:

  • The sweet spot located nearer the heel, ideal for arc stroke putters
  • Toe weighted putters offer much more stability through the strike
  • Work well on quick greens as arc strokes offer more pop to the ball
  • Suitable for players who want a precision-based performance.
  • Will make you look substantially more confident, cooler, and more professional golfer.

Cons of Odyssey Blade putters:

  • Can be difficult to line up
  • Not as forgiving as some mallet putters
  • Cost


How Do I Know Which White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter to Purchase?

Whichever putter you think you want to purchase, finish doing your research beforehand. The best way to do this is to book in for a putter fitting or use the Callaway EyeLine mirror to link which putters and toe weight placements might suit you better.

Which Tour Players use a Version of Odyssey Putter?

Tour Pros Content using an Odyssey putter:

Marc Leishman, Xander Schauffele, Tommy Fleetwood, Webb Simpson, Phil Michelson & John Rahm (plus many many more).

Is Odyssey the Best Putter Company on the Market?

Reviews will tell you how White Hot Pro putters feel, sound, and perform. There are many other putting manufacturers out there who all make fantastic equipment.

However, when it comes to Odyssey White Hot putters, their performance is as elite as you can find, and look no further than the amount of wins tour pros have gotten while using some variation of the White Hot Pro.

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