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Martini Golf 3-1/4″ Durable Plastic Tees 5-Pack

Review Last Updated: April 22, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods


Today we'll be reviewing the Martini Golf 3-1/4″ Durable Plastic Tees 5-Pack.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Lots of colors to choose from
  • Lab tests prove they straighten and lengthen your drive
  • Less resistance and longer roll


  • No neutral colors to choose from

Martini Golf 3-1/4″ Durable Plastic Tees 5-Pack Product Review

If you’re fed up of replacing your tees, then you’ll love the Martini Golf Tee – they’re virtually unbreakable.

Made from a proprietary polymer resin blend, these are much stronger than old-fashioned wooden tees. One tee can be reused many times.

It is proven that using these tees will lengthen and straighten your drives – ProActive performed independent laboratory tests to prove it.

The large cup at the top of the Martini Tee allows you to tilt the ball as far as 20%.

The ball will fly off the tee with little to no resistance thanks to the durable and smooth polymer resin blend.

The big head will give you a solid platform for pushing the tee into hard services.

These 3 1/4 “ tees are available in 10 colors, and you can even opt for an assorted bag.

Even though they’re beneficial to your game, they are completely legal to use in tournaments using USGA Rules of Golf.

These are made in Michigan.

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