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LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set

Review Last Updated: July 2, 2021
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • Forged golf wedge
  • Micro milled face
  • Available in silver and black


How many times have you duffed a chip from around the green which you’ve needed to get up and down?

I know from my end, that in the past, I’ve hit some shots so bad that the ball’s barely made it onto the putting surface…

When it comes to playing those intricate chip shots from around the green, it helps to have a club that has been specifically designed to glide through the grass and not get stuck.

This is where having a premium forged wedge has helped me and my game. Lazrus Premium Forged golf wedges have what’s called a “bounce” crafted into the bottom of the clubhead.

The bounce helps golfers like myself hit shots next to flags and not 2 yards in front of me.

Let’s take a look at how Lazrus and their Premium Forged wedge set can help your game!


  • Great spin
  • Good control
  • Consistency


  • May be too heavy for some users preferences

LAZRUS Premium Forged Golf Wedge Set Product Review

The Lazrus Premium Forged golf wedges are an affordable solution to upgrading your equipment. It must be said that if you’re serious about your golf and you play a lot then maybe these wedges aren’t for you. However, for the weekend warrior out there who doesn’t have time to practice but wants all the help they can get around the greens, these wedges are exactly what you are looking for!

Included in the Lazrus golf wedge set are three clubs: a 56-degree sand wedge, 52-degree gap wedge and a 60-degree lob wedge.

Features And Design:

Micro-Milled Face:

Wedges are finesse clubs, they’re the club to use when you want to hit a shot a particular distance with a lot of spin. One of the main key features of a good wedge is a micro-milled face. The milled face, as seen in the Lazrus set, helps golfers spin the ball and increase overall control of their golf shots.

Whether you’re chipping from around the green or hitting an approach shot from inside 100 yards, spin is your friend. Therefore, the more spin gap wedges can generate, the more control you’ll have over your shot, and in a sport where the margins are so small, we need all the help and control we can get!

Forged Head:

The forged head is what sets these wedges apart from their competition. A forged golf wedge is much smaller in width – you hear golfers talk about bladed clubs all the time. The thinner the face, the more bounce a club can have. If you have a chunky wedge you’ll struggle to hit certain shots.

A forged golf wedge has a lot of versatility; it can be used in bunkers, used to hit flop shots, or even used to hit those low spinning pitch shots.

At their price range, seeing forged clubs is rare, which is what makes these Lazrus premium forged wedges so unique compared to the competition.


Featured on the Lazrus Premium Forged wedge set are Lazrus’ own brand rubber grips. The grips are comfortable and easy to hold and definitely good enough for the weekend golfer.

Grips are a very unique part of golf and everyone seems to have a particular preference. The beauty of grips is that they’re interchangeable so if you’re not a fan of Lazrus’s own design, other options are available.

Loft And Bounce:

As briefly mentioned earlier, bounce is what makes these clubs such an attractive choice. The bounce on sand wedges is your best friend. It’s the reason professionals are so good out of bunkers and around the greens. If it weren’t for a bounce on the bottom of a club it would be so difficult to avoid chunking your shots!

The Lazrus Premium Forged golf wedges are 4 degrees apart with the most lofted club in the bag being the lob wedge at 60 degrees and the pitching wedge being the least lofted at 52 degrees.

The bounce angle on each club is 2 degrees apart, at: 8 (lob), 10 (sand) & 12 (pitching). The lower the bounce angle number, the easier it glides through the grass.


Featured in the Lazrus golf wedge is a stepped steel shaft. This is a durable option, suitable for any golfer including mid handicappers.

It’s important to note that the shaft in a wedge is not very important, as the speed at which these clubs are swung isn’t very fast.

These shafts tend to be on the stiffer side simply due to their shorter length and the purpose of use. Unlike a 7 iron where you want a shallow divot, wedges can be used in a much-stepped plane meaning a stepper shaft is preferable.

Pros and Cons


  • Price:

These wedges are a fantastic gateway into better golf without paying the premium price of a Callaway Jaws wedge, for example. The Lazrus Premium Forged golf wedge set is highly affordable and unlike any of its competitors in the price bracket.

  • Advanced Technology:

The bounce and forged nature of these clubs are what makes them so special in my opinion. The versatility of a forged wedge cannot be understated and the psychological gains of seeing a thinner club behind the ball make them seem so much easier to hit.

  • Milled face:

The milled face on the Premium Forged wedge set is what is going to benefit the mid handicappers the most. The confidence which will come as a result of more spin will be noticeable! If you partner these wedges with the best golf balls you’ll witness spin rates like never before.

  • Attractive design:

The bladed nature of these clubs is a massive positive. They look attractive to the eye and feel premium.


  • Forgiveness:

Despite being very forgiving overall, the Lazrus wedges aren’t as forgiving when compared to other premium wedge options.

  • Weight:

The wedges are slightly heavier than other high-end market products. This could be due to the material used to case the faces. Despite being a stated con, it is hardly noticeable and won’t impact your swing.

  • Grips:

The stock grips on the golf wedge are Lazrus’ own brand and not the best when compared to some of the other grips on the market. However, that being said they are perfectly acceptable for anyone to use, even a low handicap golfer.


Is A Lazrus Golf Wedge Any Good?

All three wedges in this golf wedge set are fantastic golf clubs, especially when considering the price bracket at which they are sold.

The micro-milled face alone is a sign of the premium quality of these wedges, not even mentioning the forged shape and thin face. Lazrus are on par with a pinemeadow wedge and will enable you to hit an array of wedge shots.

It’s companies like Lazrus that the golf industry doesn’t want to tell you about as other wedges are not much better, yet twice the price.

Is Lazrus A Good Golf Brand?

Despite not being an elite brand, Lazrus are a certified company that manufacture golf clubs. They have a one-year warranty on all their products and a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you aren’t satisfied with the product it’s a zero-risk choice.

What Company Makes The Best Golf Wedges?

When using the PGA Tour as a case study, the golf pros all tend to use the wedges of their sponsors. That being said, for the past 5 years, Titleist’s Vokey wedges are the most used wedges on tour and have been voted the best golf wedge on the market.

However, if you’re a mid handicapper there is little to no benefit of splashing on premium clubs unless you play frequently enough to justify it or have the intentions of improving long term. In this case, Lazrus golf wedges will be perfect for you on the golf course.


Overall, the verdict for the Lazrus Premium Forged golf wedge set review is a positive one. They are a perfect golf wedge set with a very impressive milled face.

The cost of the Lazrus wedges is its biggest positive, as they are less than half the price of premium wedges despite having similar characteristics.

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