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Golf Buddy Aim W10

Review Last Updated: May 6, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • Able to synchronize with Golf Buddy app
  • Water resistant
  • Automatic wireless course updates
  • Pre-loaded with courses from 170 countries
  • Touchscreen


Today we'll be reviewing the Golf Buddy Aim W10.

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  • Color touchscreen
  • Golf Buddy app compatible
  • Rain resistant


  • Complex interface

Golf Buddy Aim W10 Product Review

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 is a genuinely standout GPS watch that with its massive list of features and competitive price is more than capable of standing toe to toe with any of the industry’s big players.

With a user-friendly 1.3 inch, full-color LCD touchscreen, and an enhanced zoom function that allows you to get a more detailed view of the green, the W10 is perfectly capable of alerting you to any hazards that may impede your game.

Preloaded with courses from 170 countries and within an inbuilt function to provide free wireless course updates, the W10 provides the user with the confidence to play on any green, anywhere in the world.

Colour course view comes as standard and with dual Arc distance reading display functions, the W10 can give you all pertinent course information such as distances to the greens, hole layout as well as any hazards or doglegs you may encounter.

Able to synchronize with the Golf Buddy smart app via Bluetooth the W10 allows the wearer to specifically and diligently monitor their game and look for any improvements that they can make.

Suitable for use in all weathers with its heavy rainproof rating of IP67, the W10s practical yet stylish design gives the user confidence that they can look great whilst getting the most out of their game.

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