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Callaway Epic Speed Driver

Review Last Updated: June 21, 2021
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods
Product Features
  • Uses A.I Technology in the Design
  • Utilizes Patented Jailbreak Technology
  • Flash FaceSS21 Club Face
  • Multi-Material Construcion


Every year it seems that club manufacturers are releasing the next needle-moving piece of golf equipment. Well, at least they claim to be.

Callaway is no different and this year they’ve re-released their previous best-selling driver: ‘The Epic Triple Diamond’, but this year… with a twist.

Introducing the Callaway ‘Epic Speed Driver’.

Available in three forms: The Speed, The Epic Max, and the Max LS

To put this needle-moving claim to the test, we thought we’d break down and deconstruct every part of this new Callaway Epic Speed driver, to provide all the insight you’ll need before deciding whether or not to take the plunge.


  • Massive gains off the tee box
  • Increased launch angle
  • Reduced spin leads to further distance
  • Large sweet spot


  • Not cheap - but you get what you pay for

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Product Review

To put this needle-moving claim to the test, we thought we’d break down and deconstruct every part of this new Callaway Epic Speed driver, to provide all the insight you’ll need before deciding whether or not to take the plunge.

Callaway’s Driver Technology

After extensive research into the specs and breaking down the manufacturing process, I can confidently say, this year Callaway’s driver has more technology in the clubhead than any previous model. Apparently.

Let me explain.

With advancements in general technology around the world, and in particular artificial intelligence, Callaway has been able to implement and test this year’s driver model more efficiently and under conditions never used before.

I’ve made your life easier by bullet pointing and explaining the technology implemented by Callaway and used in the Epic Speed Clubhead below:

Designed by A.I

In 2019, Callaway invested in an AI Supercomputer which has changed the golf equipment game. Artificial intelligence has allowed Callaway to do more extensive wind and aerodynamic testing thanks to 3D CAD A.I. programs like Solid Works.

Such programs allow thousands of designs to be put through rigorous testing well before manufacture. Callaway was able to design multiple heads and put them through important aerodynamic tests to enable them to design a golf club that guarantees optimal club speed conditions before a 3D model is even made.

Jailbreak A.I Speed Frame

The Jailbreak Speed Frame is another product of Callaway Artificial Intelligence tests.

Their patented Jailbreak speed frame technology consists of placing two titanium rods parallel to the clubface, with the aim of connecting the sole of the driver to the crown.

It resulted in the clubface receiving double the kinetic load and consequently more ball speed without increasing swing speed.

Flash Face SS21

Flash Face technology is something which Callaway claim ‘a human would have never arrived at in our lifetime’ (A. Hocknell 2019). Flash Face technology consists of multiple ripples flowing from the head of the clubface to the toe.

Without diving too deep into the technical lingo, the end result is an average gain in ball speed of 3mph among Callaway’s Staff Pros playing on the European Tour, with multiple pros even receiving gains of up to 6mph. This suggests that the potential gain for handicap golfers who aren’t getting optimal distance is insane.

Multi-Material Construction

Callaway Epic drivers are all made out of multiple materials including graphite, carbon fiber, zinc, andĀ aluminum.

Epic Speed Specifications:

Head Size:

All the Callaway Epic Max drivers are: 460cc

Loft Options:

Epic Max & Epic Speed: 9* 10.5* and 12.5* degrees

Epic Max Ls: 9* & 10.5*

Lie Angle:

Epic Max: 59 degrees

Epic Speed: 58 degrees

Epic Max Ls: 57 degrees

Callaway Customs:

Callaway customs are available on all Epic drivers. Callaway customs let customers customize their clubs. Anything from grips, shaft, and head design can be changed and modified to meet the customer’s need.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review:


There’s a reason why Callaway is one of the most popular club manufacturers on the PGA Tour, It’s no surprise considering their equipment has helped multiple players win not only PGA Tour events but major championships too.

Their staff players include the likes of 5 time Major Champion Phil Michealson and 2019 Open Champion Francesco Molinari. Why is Callaway so popular? Well, because their equipment is good… really really good. Let’s take a look:

Jailbreak Technology:

One of the most revolutionary bits of technology brought out by Callaway was their Jailbreak Technology. Jailbreak consists of two metal rods vertically implemented into the head of the drivers, connecting the hood of the driver to the crown.

Why is this important and revolutionary? Because it’s enabled them to record the fastest clubhead speeds to date.

All Callaway Staff players game the Callaway Epic Speed Driver as it’s allowed the average Callaway PGA Tour player to see gains off the tee of up to 8-12 yards.

Now, when you put this into context, these players are already hitting the ball over 300 yards. These players’ swings are already ‘Optimised’, so the fact their distance and clubhead speeds are increasing without changing their swing was solely due to the equipment in their hand. But why is this important? The answer: Strokes Gained.

Strokes Gained:

Strokes gained, if you’re a golfer, will be something you’ve heard commentators throw about during television coverage. But what does it mean? To cut a long story short, it basically tells you how many shots a golfer is supposed to take to get the ball in the hole from certain yardages.

Still with me?

Now the data shows that the closer players are to the green the lower the shots calculated to get the ball in the hole. Hitting the ball that little bit further can help golfers lower their scores over the course of 72 hole tournaments by 4 shots!

That could be the difference between winning or coming second, making or missing the cut, retaining their tour card for another year, or missing out by a point.

The importance of distance can’t be underestimated, now if these are professionals improving by 4 shots, imagine what could it do to your game?


Launch, what is it? Why is it important? How can it help handicapped golfers hit the ball further?

The launch angle of a golf ball is the trajectory it takes off. Balls that are hit higher in the air and hit with a positive angle of attack, travel further.

The Callaway Epic Speed drivers help golfers increase their launch angle and consequently help them hit the ball further thanks to the lower center of gravity in the club. This enables poorer struck shots to still react as if they’d been hit out the center of the clubhead.

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver will help golfers hit their tee shots higher, straighter and further.


The spin is so important when talking about driving the ball further. If the ball spins a lot, it will climb up against the wind, consequently resulting in shorter tee shots as the energy is being sapped from the ball due to the excess spin.

The Callaway Epic Max and Epic Speed drivers are designed to help golfers drastically reduce spin and consequently hit the ball that little bit further… and who doesn’t want to hit the ball that little bit further?

Spin rate is also one of the main reasons for errant tee shots. The more spin the more the ball moves in the air, if the golfer can lower their spin it will reduce the amount of movement in their tee shots! Therefore the spin robustness of a driver is so so important.

Flight Bias:

The Callaway Epic Max and Speed drivers are both neutral but can be set up to slightly draw bias. This is ideal for any golfer who struggles to move the ball right to left and often sees their ball venture right into the sunset.

However, these drivers have adjustable perimeter weighting metrics in the head of the driver enabling you to adjust the driver to your preference.


Forgiveness is all about off-center hits. No one wants to hit a bad tee shot. The benefit of gaming a Callaway epic max or Speed driver is the bigger sweet spot! The sweet spot is the part of the driver with the hottest ball speed.

The ball gets compressed greater on the sweet spot. The sweet spot on the Callaway epic max is bigger than ever before, allowing you to get the most out of your tee shots even if they are miss-hit!


The footprint of the driver is the way the club sits behind the ball. How it meets your eye, how it looks when it’s lying on the ground before you swing. All Callaway drivers are 460cc however, despite them being the same weight the epic speed has a slightly smaller head as it doesn’t have any of the back adjustable weights.

Callaway Tour Pro Use:

Xander Schauffele Driver Set Up:

Head: 9 Degree Epic Speed Driver

Shaft: HZRDUS Smoke iM10 or Project X

Grip: Golf Pride TV Black

Phil Michelson’s Driver Set Up:

Head: 8.5 Degree Epic Speed Driver

Shaft: HZRDUS Smoke iM10

Grip: Golf Pride TV Black and white


How Does the Callaway Speed Epic Max Driver Differ From the Callaway Epic Max LS Driver?

This is a very difficult question to answer, as both these drivers are brilliant and as good as each other. The main difference is the size of the LS driver – it is slightly smaller behind the ball but to the untrained eye, it’s barely noticeable.

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Is Callaway Rogue Better than Epic?

This is all down to personal preference. The Rogue was really popular for the footprint. It looked really attractive behind the ball and easy to hit. But the Epic Max was a lot nicer sounding and forgiving to use.

What is the Best Callaway Driver?

All the drivers from Callaway are excellent and easy to use. No matter which model or range from Callaway you buy they are all fantastic. The Callaway Epic Max is my favorite driver as it generated the highest ball speed.

What is the Difference Between Callaway Epic and Epic Flash?

Other than the name, the key difference is probably forgiveness. The Epic just seemed to want to go straighter even when I miss-hit a few shots. The Epic also sounds insane and expensive.

What’s the Newest Callaway driver?

Callaway’s New Epic 21 drivers are the latest drivers to come out from Callaway. They’ve brought back their old best-selling 2018 model and made it even better.

What was the Verdict on the Callaway Epic Driver Review Regarding their Forgiveness?

The drivers’ review was a positive one. The driver outperformed all the other drivers we tested including carry, total distance, and sound. It’s very forgiving.


Overall, both driver models, the Epic Max and Speed drivers from Callaway get a double thumbs up from me.

The technology is ridiculous, the time, energy, money, and investment that has gone into the R&D of this product are insane and truly revolutionary.

The Jailbreak Speed frame in the Epic Max & Speed is the future for increasing ball speeds and the way the clubhead looks behind the ball is so inviting and comforting to hit.

As far as driver reviews go, both the Epic Max and Epic Speed have been the most intriguing and enjoyable to do. They both sound and feel expensive and the ball flight does the talking for you.

I am a big fan.

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