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Best Junior Golf Clubs

Last Updated: May 7, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

If you have a little one that is interested in getting into golf and wants their own set of clubs, you can be overwhelmed with choice. How do you choose which of the many golf club sets on the market are the best junior golf clubs?

Are you confused by the various different sets on offer? Struggling to make head nor tails of complicated technical jargon?

Well, don’t worry, we here at Hack Golf have scoured the web and found the top five junior golf clubs available.

In this review, we will cover everything from the junior golf sets features, it’s pros and cons, and of course, it’s suitability and value for money.

We will cover each of these essential purchasing components and explain in simple, clear terms the benefits and disadvantages of each junior golf club set.

Hopefully, after reading this review, you will have all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision, and hopefully, you will agree with our choice of the best junior golf clubs.

Our Reviews

Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set & Bag

The Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set & Bag has been specifically designed for junior players, meaning that your little one should have no trouble getting to grips with these stylish, well-made clubs.

The set boasts three clubs and also includes a handsome looking bag, that comes in a range of colors depending upon the age range of the child in question.

For information purposes, the color scheme and corresponding age ranges are yellow; three to five years old, blue; six to eight years old, red; nine to eleven years old, green; twelve to fourteen years old.

All respective color schemes come with a cool grey lining on the strap and trim.

This set is a perfect beginners golf set and has a 3 wood, a 7 iron and a putter all included as standard.

Newly designed and improved for aerodynamics and amazingly lightweight, the 3 wood is a perfect starting club for little ones.

Similarly, the 7 iron is exceptionally lightweight and boasts a junior flex graphite shaft designed to give your little golfer a solid, strong club to swing with.

The Young Gun ZAAP Eagle Junior Kid Golf Club Youth Set & Bag comes with an amazing price tag and is manufactured with exceptional quality materials.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • Suitable for various age ranges


  • Bag doesn't stand

Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

An excellent and dependable golf club set the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set, is a perfect starting set for any junior golfer just beginning their golfing experience.

The set includes two durable irons, one hybrid wood, one putter, and one excellent driver.

Also included in the set is a Bonus Stand Bag and two additional headcovers.

Available for both left-handed and right-handed golfers, the X7 is a brilliantly priced and outstandingly designed junior golfing set.

With its ergonomically designed handle and lightweight, the X7 is a portable, easy to use junior golf set that can improve a junior golfers distance and accuracy.

Competitively priced and coming with a range of high-quality golf clubs, the X7 comes in six different sizes and colors, with an age range from three to twelve years old.

If your child is just starting their golfing journey or keen to acquire a new, excellent quality golf set, then the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set should certainly be a contender.


  • Available for both right-handed and left-handed golfers
  • Competitive price


  • Age range variations do not contain sizing guides

Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set

If you are looking for a truly premium junior golf club set, then look no further than the Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set.

Created by Wilson and specifically engineered with their innovative Super Game Improvement technology, the JGI golf set perfectly enhances your child’s first foray into golf.

The driver in the set is designed to be marginally oversized with the weight positioned low, which improves ball flight and distance from tee off.

Featuring a large sweet spot, the hybrid is exceptionally easy to hit. The large sweet spot provides more accurate shots across the length of the fairway and through the rough.

Two excellent irons feature large hittable faces that supply additional forgiveness that lends itself to increasing swing speeds.

A perfectly weighted putter rounds off the set and is designed to increase accuracy and even includes an additional alignment aid to ensure correct setup and positioning.

Sold in either right-handed or left-handed orientation, the JGI golf set is a perfect first golf club set for all junior golfers, whether they be right or left-handed.

The Wilson Golf Profile JGI Junior Complete Golf Set is a premium junior golf club set but comes with a premium price tag as well.

It is important to note, though, that while more budget-friendly sets do exist, they may not come with the exceptional quality of this particular product.


  • Exceptional quality
  • An extensive range of clubs
  • Perfect for beginners


  • Premium price

RAM Golf Junior G-Force Girls Right Hand Golf Clubs Set

One of the best golf clubs sets on the market today exclusively aimed at young girls, the RAM Golf Junior G-Force Girls Right Hand Golf Clubs Set, is a fantastically designed and precision-engineered product.

Perfect for girls aged twelve years old and under, the G-Force set is available for a variety of age ranges, and each set includes a quality, powder blue stand bag.

The stand bag is not only stunning to look at but also features automatic pop-out legs, a handy external umbrella holder, dual shoulder straps and plenty of pockets for all your golfing paraphernalia.

Any junior golfer who uses this set will quickly realize they have every club they need to begin their journey into golf.

Designed for right-handed golfers and perfectly engineered to provide comfort, stability, and accuracy, this junior golf club set includes everything a young girl wanting to take up golf could ask for in a golf set.

One lightweight driver, specifically designed to promote higher loft from strikes to compensate for a child’s slower swing speed, which additionally promotes reduced spin speed and even comes with a matching headcover.

Two well made and sturdy irons are also included, as well as an upgraded putter with solid steel shaft and built-in alignment line that helps a junior golfer with their positioning, lining up, and ball control.

A versatile hybrid club is additionally included for age ranges seven and up and also comes with a matching headcover as well.

An exceptional golf club set, the RAM Golf Junior G-Force Girls Right Hand Golf Clubs Set is well priced and will be a sure-fire hit with any young lady looking to start playing.


  • Stunning look
  • Comfortable design


  • Not yet available for left-handed golfers

Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set

The Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set is specifically designed for junior golfers aged eight to twelve and is, without doubt, one of the top junior golf club sets on the market today.

Offering one fantastic driver, two incredible irons, an amazing hybrid as well as an exceptional junior putter, the Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set comes with everything a junior golfer needs.

With an eye-catching deluxe stand bag, decked out in fluorescent orange and matt black colors with snazzy silver grey piping, this junior golf set will make any junior golfer look the part.

The deluxe stand bag also features a novel four-way top with a double carry strap for easy maneuverability.

Perfectly designed higher lofted clubs and more flexible shafts promote the development of young golfers and help assist them in getting the ball airborne.

Created with a beginner golfer firmly in mind, the softer graphite shafts in all woods and irons are designed to boost a young golfer’s speed, power, and accuracy so that they are encouraged to keep practicing and progressing.

With a comparatively excellent price tag and including some phenomenally well-designed clubs, the Intech Lancer Junior Golf Set is the perfect set for your young golfer to get started with.


  • Full range of clubs
  • Excellent price tag


  • Only available for ages eight to twelve

Having dived into each golf club set on our list, we now need to consider several other important aspects before deciding which are the best junior golf clubs.

Age range

One of the first considerations we need to think about is, is the club set you are thinking about purchasing available in the appropriate age range?

The junior golf club set could be excellent quality with an ideal price, but if it is designed for an age range other than the prospective recipient’s age, it is essentially useless.

Junior golf sets are available in and have been specifically designed to suit different age ranges as younger children may require significantly different sized or weighted clubs.

Whilst all the junior golf club sets included in our list are of exceptional quality and design, not all sets cater for all age ranges, and as such, you need to be thoroughly sure before purchasing that the club set in question is functional and suitable.

Set size & club range

Another important point to consider is the type of set you need for your junior golfer and if the prospective set you are considering has enough clubs of varying ranges to be useful.

A beginner golfer may need fewer clubs initially, so as not to get confused and overwhelmed with all the different variations of clubs, their respective uses and the styles needed to effectively use them.

Conversely, you may want your junior golfer to have a full and extensive range of clubs so that they have a set they can utilize as their experience and skill level grows.

A golf set is not an insubstantial investment, and it is only right that you consider whether the set is capable of continuing to be used as your child grows and gets better at golf.


Similarly, one of the most important points that you need to factor in is what orientation of clubs do you need?

If your child is right-handed, buying them a left-handed set would be as good as throwing money down the drain, and vice versa with a left-handed player.

Additionally, If you are buying specifically for a young female golfer and want a golf set designed with them in mind, there are options on the market that can cater to this need.

Style, design, and orientation are not just minor considerations when it comes to golf club sets and is in some ways, intrinsically connected to the suitability and overall functionality of the golf clubs as a whole.

Price and value for money

All of the above considerations will help inform your last and most important factor of all, does the junior golf club set you are thinking of purchasing provide value for money?

This question will be heavily influenced by your own personal budget, and this is something you need to keep at the forefront of your mind throughout the purchasing process.

There are premium junior golf sets on the market, and these boast enhanced features and additions but do correspondingly come with an increased price tag.

Conversely, there are some more budget-friendly options available, but these will again be limited in their design and functionality.

Deciding which to choose will be based, as we have discussed on your own budget and the longevity of the set in question.

Happily, all of the sets we have covered as part of this review are hard wearing, durable, and thoroughly tested.


After much consideration, we are happy to give the title of “best junior golf clubs” to the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set.

Available in both right-handed and left-handed orientation, the X7 set includes a driver, a hybrid wood, two irons, one putter a bonus stand bag, and even two additional headcovers.

In short, the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set contains everything a junior golfer needs when starting out on their golfing journey.

The X7 is available and suitable for a range of ages, from three to twelve years old, and each specific age group comes in a different color scheme.

Excellently priced and perfect for beginners, the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set is sure to put a smile on any junior golfer’s face.

We hope you have found this review useful and enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it for you.

Do you agree with our choice? Why not let us know via the comments box below and help continue the discussion.

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