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Best Golf Umbrella

Last Updated: May 28, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

If you are looking for the best golf umbrella to keep you dry on the golf course, then this is the review for you!

There are few things worse than when you are playing golf, and then you get unexpectedly drenched by a sudden downpour.

Apart from the fact that nobody likes to get rained on, an unexpected rainstorm can cause untold damage to your golfing equipment and cost you a lot of money in replacement fees.

But how do you know which golf umbrella is right for you?

Golf umbrellas come in a range of sizes, styles, colors, and packages, and it can be difficult for the average golfer to cut through all the sales patter and find the pertinent information.

We here at Hack Golf have searched the internet and found five of the top golf umbrellas on the market today.

In this review, we will look at each golf umbrella in detail, its features, it’s pros and cons, and it’s price and value for money.

By the end of this review, we will have enough information to decide which umbrella is worthy of the title of “Best Golf Umbrella” and, most importantly, have hopefully given you enough information to find the right umbrella for you.

Our Reviews

Vedouci Golf Umbrella

For golfers looking for a more budget-friendly and affordable option, then look no further than the Vedouci Golf Umbrella.

With its excellent price and competitive functionality, this umbrella represents a bargain for many golfers looking to get out of the rain but not at the detriment of their wallets.

Available in an astonishing fifteen fashionable colors and boasting a slick, professional style, this umbrella wouldn’t look out of place in the hands of a champion.

With its 55 inch size, the umbrella is slightly smaller than some of the more premium options available but still has a significant capacity to keep the rain off with its 49-inch oversized double canopy.

An anti-slip EVA grip allows you to golf with the confidence that you won’t lose control of your umbrella at any point.

With a sturdy, flexible, and lightweight frame made from durable fiberglass and a canopy that utilizes a micro-weave fabric coated in water repellent treatment.

A phenomenally easy one-click auto-open design makes using this umbrella quick, easy, and effortless.

Perfect for golfers looking to stay out of the rain or protect themselves from sun damage, this umbrella is an excellently priced addition to any golfers bag.


  • Excellent price
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Easy operation


  • More premium models are available

EEZ-Y 58 Inch Folding Golf Umbrella

Priding itself on its unbreakable design the EEZ-Y 58 Inch Folding Golf Umbrella is a superbly strong and resilient golf umbrella, ideal for golfers looking for security in premium quality materials.

With a range of nine vivid colors to choose from and an extra-large fifty-inch diameter canopy, the EEZ provides perfect protection whilst at the same time looking great.

Created with a super resilient and water repellent fabric, this umbrella is functional and portable, able to fold up to just twenty-three inches.

Extremely lightweight and easier to carry than most other similar golf umbrellas, the EEZ might only be 1.2 pounds, but it has the protective power of a much larger umbrella.

Able to be instantly opened for quick use at just the touch of a button, the ergonomic and functional design is further bolstered by the high-quality materials used during manufacturing.

Boasting a premium fiberglass and stainless steel frame, the EEZ-Y 58 Inch Folding Golf Umbrella is built from the highest quality materials for extra strength, resilience, and durability.

With a competitive, if slightly premium price, it’s easy to see why this umbrella is critically acclaimed within golfing circles and is certainly a contender for the best golf umbrella.


  • Good size
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy to use


  • Larger sizes are available

ACEIken Golf Umbrella

One of the best and most critically acclaimed golf umbrellas on the market today is the ACEIken Golf Umbrella, and with its quality features and excellent value for money, it’s easy to see why.

The ACEIken Golf Umbrella has a large size of 62 inches and is capable of keeping you dry in some of the most torrential downpours.

With its double vented canopy made from ultra water-resistant material secured over high-quality fiberglass, the ACEIken Is a strong and flexible umbrella.

The canopy is actually made from 210T pongee micro-weave fabric and is lightweight yet still able to protect you from wind, water, and even sunlight.

With an SPF of 50+, this quick-drying silk derived material is said to block 99.95% of sun rays, keeping you safe from harm whilst being comfortable.

With its double canopy design and super strong and durable hardened steel frame, the ACEIken Golf Umbrella is just about as windproof as umbrellas get.

Additionally, the ACEIken has an inbuilt gent allowing wind to pass through, making the umbrella much easier to control in harsh conditions but also providing a cooling through breeze on warmer days.

Coming with a lifetime replacement guarantee, this umbrella offers great value for money, and it is easy to see why it is Amazon’s choice of golf umbrella.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Automatic open
  • Excellent value for money


  • Lighter umbrellas are available

BAGAIL Golf Umbrella

Another excellent addition to our best golf umbrella review is the BAGAIL Golf Umbrella, a convenient and high-quality product perfect for any golfer looking to get out of the rain.

Used by many golfing professionals and experts and much-vaunted, this golf umbrella boasts high-quality materials and impressive functionality in one sleek package.

Available in a selection of stand out patterns and color schemes, the BAGAIL Golf Umbrella is an umbrella that will certainly turn heads on the course.

Equipped with a vented double canopy, an auto-open mechanism, and for extra comfort a rubberized grip handle, this golf umbrella is as easy to use as it is comfortable.

The ergonomically designed handle has a special PU coating that maximizes stability and grip security, making you confident that you can keep hold of the umbrella in even the gustiest of weather.

The canopy as well has been specifically designed to resist inversion in blustery cons heavy, allowing the wind to slide through the gap in the canopy.

With its ribs, hub, and shaft made from durable and versatile fiberglass, the umbrella doesn’t conduct electricity making it exceptionally safe to use in the event of rainstorms.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Strong and flexible
  • Stylish design


  • Handle could be more comfortable

G4Free 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

The G4Free 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella is one of the more premium golf umbrellas being sold today and is certainly a worthy inclusion in this review.

Coming in a veritable multitude of designs, this stylish and eye-catching umbrella will perfectly showcase and highlight your personality when on the course.

With a 62 inch canopy and heavy-duty design, the G4 is the perfect blend of form and function.

Fashionably stylish yet still capable of keeping you dry in almost any storm you can think of, the G4Free 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella is made from excellent quality materials and is an ideal product for any golfer.

Made from 210T pongee fabric, the double canopy is ultra water-resistant and durable.

Boasting lightweight material securely fastened over a high-quality fiberglass frame, the G4 is durable, flexible, and stylish.

With its fast, automatic open mechanism, the G4Free 62 Inch Automatic Open Golf Umbrella can be opened the instant you feel a drop of moisture in the air.

Engineered to stand the test of time, the canopy is created using innovative chain stitching and boasts nine stitches per inch for extra strength and resilience.

Coming with a one year guarantee as standard, you can be sure this high-quality product will last as long as you need it to.


  • Extensive range of designs available
  • High-quality materials
  • Fast opening mechanism


  • Lightweight alternatives are available

Now that we have discussed each of our top umbrellas in more detail, we need to cover some of the more general functions and features we are looking for in an umbrella.

We also need to discuss some of the important points we need to consider when looking to make a purchase like this.

Hopefully, after this small recap of what we are looking for, you will feel more confident in our choice of best golf umbrella.


Many of the umbrellas we have discussed during this review come in a variety of sizes, and this is a positive and important factor as golfers come in all shapes and sizes and, as such, require a variety of sizes to suit individual needs.

Additionally to this, not all golfing equipment will be the same size, and you may need a larger umbrella to protect your golfing gear if you have larger equipment.

It is important that you double-check the size of the umbrella you have picked before purchasing as the rule of thumb is the larger the umbrella, the greater the price tag will be.

Another point to think about is one of weight, as the size of the umbrella increases, there will be a commensurate increase in weight.

No golfer enjoys lugging around an overly heavy golf bag, so whilst this may sound like a basic thing to think about, it is important.


All of the umbrellas we have covered in this review have their own individual styles.

Some come with eye-catching designs and stand out prints whilst others are more muted and will be able to be used at even the most distinguished and selective of golf clubs.

Style is an important consideration for many golfers, and whether you want a golf umbrella that fits in with the golfing equipment you already use or a golf umbrella that will make you stand out from the crowd, we are confident that you can find what you need in this review.


There are a number of different component materials that the golf umbrellas we have reviewed are made from.

Some of these materials will be better and more adept at keeping you and your golfing equipment dry than others.

The materials used will also have an effect on other important aspects of your umbrella, including its design, functionality, and its longevity.

The higher quality, more hard-wearing materials will last longer and provide more return on your investment than umbrellas made from lower-quality materials.


The lifecycle of your golf umbrella is also an important consideration.

As we have already discussed, umbrellas made from higher quality materials, designed with longevity in mind and used appropriately, will undoubtedly last longer than umbrellas designed with low-quality materials, for the mass market that are expected to break easily.

It is important to think about the durability of the umbrella you buy now as if you opt for a cheaper model, you may need to buy several replacements in the same time period that you could have just been using a more premium option.


The price of the umbrella is one of the most major factors that you will have to consider.

As is standard with most products, the higher the price normally equals the more premium quality materials, design, and functionality, and whilst there are exceptions to this rule, it is generally true.

It is critical that you understand this to be the general rule of thumb as it helps keep your expectations of the product realistic.

It is more than likely that you will end up being disappointed if you are expecting premium quality for a bargain price.

That being said, we here at Hack Golf always try to find an honest middle ground between price and quality, and our choice will hopefully be the perfect balance of premium functions and excellent comparative price.


After taking all of the above features and points into consideration, we are happy to award the ACEIken Golf Umbrella with the title of the best golf umbrella.

It’s excellent price and affordability combined with its exceptional functionality means that the ACEIken Golf Umbrella represents brilliant value for money for any golfer looking to purchase a golf umbrella.

Available in a range of colors and boasting such superb features as an automatic open mechanism, a comfortable EVA grip, and with a 62-inch canopy, this umbrella will not only keep the rain off you but make you look amazing while doing so.

We hope you have enjoyed this review as much as we have enjoyed writing it, and hopefully, now you have a bit more clarity around golf umbrellas and are better informed to make your purchasing decision.

What do you think of our choice for the best golf umbrella?

We would love to hear from you and get your thoughts on golf umbrellas and golf in general.

Why not leave us a message via the comments box below, and in the meantime, we hope you have a great day.

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