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Best Golf Travel Bags

Last Updated: May 5, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

Imagine the feeling of joy you’d get after purchasing the perfect set of golf clubs. A set that makes you burst with excitement for the moment you get to use them on the golf course.

Now imagine the feeling as you realize your nearest golf course is nowhere near you and you haven’t got anything to protect these clubs as your car goes through bumpy roads on the way to your destination.

This is why every golfer worth their salt has a great travel bag. When looking for the best golf travel bag, you’ll need to be careful in order to make the right decision.

In this article, you’ll get a useful look into what you should consider making the correct choice. Once you know which option is right for you, you’ll be on your way to the golf course in no time, safe in the knowledge that your clubs will be protected.

Our Reviews

Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag

The Athletico Padded Golf Travel Bag is an impressive piece of kit that is well received amongst users.

It measures at 53 x 12 x 14 inches and has plenty of extra storage features that make it a useful piece of gear to have with you on the golf course.

It’s designed to last for a long time through all kinds of weather. The creation process involved using 600D polyester as the main material, and it includes a vinyl base that will help keep your bag safe from damage.

If you’re traveling long distances in your car, or even taking a plane journey, this bag is set up to help you.

One of the main things you should look out for in a travel bag is how easy it is to carry.

This bag is fitted with padded, velcro-locking carry handles, which will mean comfort all the way. If that wasn’t enough for you, it also has a padded shoulder strap, so you can walk through all sorts of areas like a breeze.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have wheels, so in that area, it is less convenient.

Athletico is so confident about this product that they’re offering 100% of the money back to customers who are not completely satisfied with it, so it’s worth considering if you’re worried about taking any risks.


  • Durable
  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • No wheels

CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover

CaddyDaddy began their journey into the world of golf distribution by selling custom golf coolers that would keep your beverages cold on the golf course. Since then, they have expanded into bigger and better things, producing high end golfing equipment for all occasions.

One example of this is Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover bag, a convenient travel bag that measures at 13 x 50 x 15 inches and weighs just 9 pounds.

If it’s security you’re looking for, then this bag could be for you. It is made of 1800D fabric, which is 3 times as thick as 600D fabric, which is often the standard for this type of product.

It also features internal and external compression straps that will keep your clubs secure as you travel, whether by car, flight, or foot.

There is heavy padding on top of the bag which will ensure your club heads remain undamaged.

Club heads are one of the most valuable parts of the golf club and are susceptible to scuffs if they are not looked after correctly.

This bag also has in-line skate wheels, so you can slide the bag around with ease from place to place. This will increase your comfort on any golf course.


  • Protects clubs with heavy padding
  • Smooth and easy to transport
  • 1800D fabric is extra thick
  • Lockable zippers ensure security
  • 1-year full bag replacement warranty


  • Limited color options

SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Travel Case

The SKB Deluxe Standard Hard Plastic Wheeled Travel Case takes a different approach to the travel bags we’ve already looked at.

With a hard case exterior, this is designed to fit golf bags of all shapes and sizes to transport your clubs with added protection.

Its carton dimension is 52 x 13 x 16 inches, so it’s suitable for the majority of golfing needs. This includes space for drivers up to 48” long.

It is made from ultra-high, molecular weight polyethylene, a high standard material that is indicative of a high-quality product.

If safety and security are your primary concern then definitely consider this product. It has patent-pending industrial strength latches and a TSA locking system that you can use during travel to keep everything protected.

If you’re worried about your clubs getting dirty during travel, this product has you covered. It has the Perfect-Match valance bending system, which keeps everything tight and secure and prevents any unwanted substances from entering.

If you’re used to using a normal golf bag without the added security and think this product might not be for you, don’t worry too much. SKB has $1,500 club coverage in the unlikely event of any damage.


  • Extra exterior protection
  • Great for air travel
  • Lots of storage
  • Keeps dirt out


  • Heavier than a standard golf bag

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian

Golf travel bags don’t always look amazing, focusing more on functionality than style, but the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian is an exception.

It looks great and has a variety of impressive features that means it’s a serious contender on the travel bag market.

With an internal dimension size of 52 x 14 x 14 inches, there’s plenty of room inside. To access this spacious storage area, you can use the two heavy-duty two-way zippers located on the exterior of the bag.

These zippers run the full length of the bag, providing easy access for you when you need it most.

This bag is very easy to maneuver as it features pivoting caster wheels, allowing you to glide across the floor. Once you’re done moving around, and when it’s time to load the bag into a smaller space such as a car, you’re in luck.

The handy, stable legs feature can also retract and allow you to fit the bag into various areas.

In all situations, this bag has you covered. It has a dense foam padding feature fitted in the top part of the bag that will protect your clubheads from the wear and tear that travel can incur.


  • Available in 7 color options
  • Dense foam padding protects clubs
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lots of storage


  • Not budget-friendly

AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag

The AmazonBasics Soft-Sided Golf Club Travel Bag is a spacious and convenient place to keep your golf clubs. Measuring at 50 x 13 x 15 inches, it comes in a nice and simple black color.

If you’re busy preparing to take a shot or getting your other equipment out of the car, don’t worry about this bag getting dirty on the floor. It stands up on its own, even with a full set of clubs inside it.

The bag is made of “durable nylon fabric”, and has reinforced stress points, which suggests that this is not only convenient but highly durable, resistant to the wear and tear you can expect equipment to pick up in the sport of golf.

This product is also easy to transport, which is one of the most important features a golf travel bag can have. This is due to its smooth inline skate style wheels, which can glide effortlessly across many surfaces.

With numerous zipper compartments and useful riveted handles, there is plenty of room for storing all of your extra gear.

This bag will be able to keep your clubs secure, as it employs safety measures such as a heavily padded top section.


  • Convenient
  • Stands up on its own
  • Smooth-rolling
  • Secure


  • Some users say it’s unsuitable for flights

When choosing the right golf travel bag, it’s essential that you get it right.

These pieces of equipment are there to protect and transport your clubs no matter what might be going on, so it goes without saying that picking a faulty bag would be detrimental to any player that cares about protecting their clubs.

There are many factors to consider, from weight to durability, to comfort and feel. In this section we’re going to look at the different factors you will want to consider when choosing your golf travel bag, and how certain components will benefit you.


Perhaps the first thing that springs to mind when considering golf bags is protection. There’s no point getting a cool, stylish looking bag, only to discover that your clubs are ruined by the time you get to the golf course.

There are many different ways that golf bags can ensure protection for your gear. The two main types of travel bags are soft case and hard case. There is a debate in the golfing community as to which of these is better.

Soft case travel bags are usually fitted with padded materials that protect your clubs. These pads take the impact of any blows your bag might suffer on the road and spare your prized possessions from any unnecessary problems.

With hard case travel bags, the clue is in the name. They have a much harder exterior, but often feature the same soft interior as a soft case bag.

They are both useful for protection, but this brings the next subject that causes debate into the fold. Maneuverability.


One thing to take into account when choosing your ideal bag is what you’re going to use it for primarily. Do you travel long distances by airplane to play golf? Or do your journeys tend to consist of short car rides to the local course?

If you’re simply traveling short distances and are looking for a bag that’s easy to carry across the golf course, then a lightweight soft case bag will do the job.

They’re much easier to transport and fit into most car boots. They’ll keep your clubs safe whilst providing you with the comfort and ease of use needed for a day out on the golf course.

If you’re going to be traveling far via various forms of travel such as airplanes, which can run into turbulence and other issues, then it is worth considering choosing a hard case bag. They can fit a standard golf bag in them and accommodate most golf club sizes.

With the soft interior, they will keep your clubs safe, whilst the hard exterior will prevent external forces from denting anything.

They are, however, less easy to carry as they weigh more. Everyone has different needs, so you can make an educated decision based upon your own circumstances.


Some players think they’ve picked the perfect travel bag, only to discover wear and tear after just a few weeks of use. It’s important that you find a bag that is not only easy to move and protects clubs but will also last long.

If you’re going for a cheaper option, don’t be too surprised if it begins to show signs of deficiency after a few trips.

This isn’t to say you have to spend big to get results, it just means that you need to be conscious of the manufacturing process that was used in order to make the bag you’re looking at purchasing.

With good quality, industry-standard materials like polyester or polyethylene you will probably be set for a long-lasting and satisfying product.


Overall, the ideal travel bag will be easy to maneuver, highly durable and very stable. The product we consider to be the best combination of these features is the CaddyDaddy Golf Constrictor 2 Travel Cover.

It’s an affordable piece of golfing gear and is extremely well received amongst users, making it one of the best-selling on the market for a number of reasons.

The in-line skate wheels make it very easy to transport across the golf course, but it’s also set up to protect your clubs in all kinds of situations, in cars and planes.

This is because it is heavily padded on top to protect your club heads and also has internal and external compression straps that keep clubs secure in bumpy conditions. Lockable zippers will ensure the safety and security of your prized clubs.

Most travel bags like this are made of 600D fabric, but the Constrictor 2 Travel Cover is made of 1800D fabric, meaning it is three times as thick as a standard bag.

If you aren’t satisfied with the product it has a 1-year full bag replacement warranty, just in case.

So that’s our decision for the best golf travel bag. Let us know your experience with golf travel bags in the comments below, and don’t forget to share with your friends!

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