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Best Golf Training Aids

Last Updated: May 7, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

Whether you are having trouble with your putting, your accuracy, or just your overall technique, it can be difficult to know the best golf training aids to improve your particular golfing flaw.

We here at Golf Hack have recently put together our list of the best golf training aids on the market, and we think it makes invaluable reading for any golfer.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned pro, an experienced amateur, or a golfing novice, this list contains training aids that can work on many of the most difficult parts of a golfers game.

Additionally, these training aids provide an opportunity for you to hone your skills, so that you may reach your true golfing potential.

During this review, we cover five of the top training aids on the market at the moment. We lost their features, their pros, their cons, and, most importantly, whether they are good value for money.

At the end of the review, we are sure that we will have given you enough information to make sure you are fully confident when buying your golfing aid.

Our Reviews

PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer

Putting is an essential part of any golfers game, and the ability to accurately, confidently put under pressure is one of the cornerstones of any great golfers game.

If you are struggling with your putting or are just looking for a training aid to help you hone your put, then the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is the tool for you.

Designed to replicate the conditions of putting into a real hole, the PuttOut’s specially designed and ground-breaking parabolic curve provides realistic feedback for any golfer looking to improve their putting.

The PuttOut offers incredible feedback with its ability to accurately reflect both good and bad putting and differentiating between them accordingly.

For example, if you hit the ball on target too fast, the ball will be returned to you, but by the same distance it would have gone past the hole (if it had missed). If a putt is instantly off line, it rolls off the side.

Whereas if the put is accurate, the curved gadget collects and holds the ball, so you need never bend over to pick it up.

This feedback allows you to get better at hitting with the correct power, pace, and accuracy needed for successful putting.

Made from high-quality materials and foldable for ease of travel, the PuttOut offers any golfer the opportunity to instantly and consistently practice on their putting, whenever they want.

As the old adage goes, “practice makes perfect,” and with the PuttOut, you get the perfect opportunity to practice.


  • Instant feedback
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • Limited value for more experienced players

Momentus Men's Speed Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer

If you are struggling with distance or you are just a little off on the timing of your swing, the Momentus Men’s Speed Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer with Training Grip is the ideal training aid to improve these facets of your game.

By activating your fast-twitch muscle fibers, the Speed Woosh can improve the speed of your swing through its over-speed training technique.

Able to swing over twenty-plus miles faster than your own standard driver, consistent practice using the Speed Whoosh means that your body naturally adapts you being able to swing faster.

The Speed Whoosh’s beneficial effects on your game can not be underestimated, and recently many top players on the PGA tour have recognized it as the fastest way to increase clubhead speed.

Such is the dramatic increase you could potentially expect to see with the Speed Whoosh that many users have stated that they are able to swing 7-10 mph faster after only just six swings!

That is a potential increase of 21-30 yards in carry distance, within your first concerted use of the Speed Whoosh, and gives the opportunity to potentially revolutionize your game.

Only available for right-handed golfers at the moment, the Speed Whoosh has an innovative Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball, designed to eliminate casting and providing the perfect release every time.


  • Able to increase swing speed quickly
  • Easy to use


  • Only designed for right-handed players

Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor

The Pelz Golf DP4007 Putting Tutor is the perfect training aid for golfers who have recently only just begun to play.

With its simple, easy to use design and setup, the Putting Tutor assists in improving green reading, putting squarely, and putting precision.

Excellent for golfers on a budget due to its extremely competitive price, this is an ideal putting tool for beginners looking to hone their technique with some extra practice.

Users are able to learn how often putts break, simply by adjusting the aim of the putting tutor higher or lower and optimizing until your putts become well struck and start landing.

While many experienced golfers will struggle with the lack of in-depth feedback and could be potentially put off my the Putting Tutors minimalist design, for a beginner wanting to simply focus on putting without added distractions, this tool would be perfect.

A simple yet effective instrument to improve putting this affordable and critically acclaimed training tool has garnered rave reviews recently and will make a great addition to any budding golfers training regime.


  • Excellent price
  • Easy setup


  • May lack value for more experienced players

PuttOut Mirror System

Positioning and alignment of the ball when putting is one of the most critical factors of any good golf game.

The PuttOut Mirror System is a golf training aid that allows you to set up and run through all of the best putting drills.

With the PuttOut Mirror, you are able to set the width of the magnetic putter guides on the mirror and ensure that your address position and alignment are both accurate and correct.

This training aid is a fantastic tool that is great for those just beginning their golfing journey as well as more experienced play looking to perfect their game and gain more technical expertise in their putting.

By slowly increasing the difficulty of the putting drills and constantly working on correcting and improving your positioning, you will undoubtedly notice a marked improvement in both your putting and your scores.

The PuttOut Mirror comes with a 2-inch stand alone putting gate that allows you to finesse your strike path and targeting by having the putter pass through the guide.

The mirror itself is enclosed with a hard-wearing rubber case and is fitted with spikes on its underside so that it can be kept in place without the need for a tee.

Small, agile, and portable, this versatile tool allows you to keep up your practicing so that you can take your game to the next level.


  • Travel friendly
  • Versatile


  • Mirror is liable to scratch easily

IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid

The IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Trainer and Practice Training Aid is one of the most talked-about golf training aids of recent times.

Voted Golf Digest’s Best Training Aid in 2019, (for the fourth year in a row no less), the IMPACT SNAP prides itself on being “the only swing tool that trains speed whilst keeping proper wrist conditions.”

Capable of teaching budding golfers the perfect positioning, the IMPACT SNAP enforces the adoption of correct release mechanics through the consistent application of muscle memory.

An additional clubhead attachment is also available, which provides more detailed visual feedback as you square the clubface upon impact.

The additional clubhead also provides a learning opportunity for more visual learners to truly grasp the importance of how the wrists interact and affect the clubface through the entirety of the golf swing.

The critical plaudits for the IMPACT SNAP speak for themselves, but when you consider the over twenty, top 100 instructors choose to use this award-winning training aid, then you realize how remarkable it really is.

Used by influential trainers and golfers such as Mike Bender, Bobby Clampett, and Hank Haney, the IMPACT SNAP allows you to make radical improvements to your swing, your style, and your overall game.


  • Additional clubheads available
  • Promotes correct body positioning


  • Not 100% comparable to the weight of a real club

Now that we have explained in more detail about the specific functions of each of the best golf training aids, how will we decide which of them is truly the best?

In addition to having already discussed product specific information, we now need to discuss what particular features we believe you need in a training aid.

Who does it help?

Each golfer will be different in terms of skill level, experience, and physicality. That being the case, no item on our list is ever going to be tailor-made to improve all facets of every player’s game.

Instead, what we need to ask ourselves is just how versatile of a product is this? And who is it made for?

Many of these aids will be targeting specific areas of a golfers game, but some will only be more appropriate to a more experienced player; some will only be of any assistance to a beginner.

Your own experience level will be the deciding factor in if this training aid will be of any use to you.

What will it improve?

Even experienced players need to practice and hone their skills. That being the case, all of the items in our review will have a positive impact on any golfers game, be they professional, amateur, or novice.

However, your specific skill level and your own particular failings will dictate if one specific training aid is the right one for you.

If you already excel at putting but struggle to gain height and distance when you tee off, perhaps a putting training aid is not where you should be spending your money.

Conversely, if you have an excellent opening swing and yet you fall down when it comes to putting, maybe you would be best served to invest in a putting training aid, so you may overcome your weaknesses and strengthen your all-round game.

Price and value for money

Depending on the above two features and where you stand on them, will depend on what type of assistance you are looking for.

Once you have decided where you need to improve, your next consideration should probably be one of budget.

How much realistically can you afford, and are you willing to spend on improving your game.

In most cases, premium training aids come with a premium price, and whilst there may be some exceptions to this, if you feel your fake requires a multifunctional, top of the range piece of equipment, don’t be surprised if you have to pay a significant sum for it.

That being said, many of the most critically acclaimed products can be some of the most simple in terms of design and functionality, and interestingly these generally are considered to provide the most help and can be purchased comparatively cheaply.

The most important point about a budget, though, is sticking to it. It is critical that you keep your budget firmly in mind and stick to it when deciding on your purchase.

By considering who the training aid is targeting, what specific part of a golfers game, it helps improve, and at what cost you will give yourself the best chance of making an informed, sensible and realistic purchasing decision.


After much consideration, we have decided to choose the Momentus Men’s Speed Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer as the winner of the best golf training aids.

All golfers, regardless of experience or skill level, will always want to improve their speed and distance, and with the Speed Whoosh, they have just such an opportunity.

Designed to activate a golfer’s fast-twitch muscle fibers and increase their speed through over-speed training, the Speed Whoosh can give significant gains to almost any golfer.

Giving you the ability to hear, see, and physically feel the correct release by using its innovative Magnetic Sliding Timing Ball, the Speed Whoosh’s genius lies in its seeming simplicity.

Amazingly priced and significantly cheaper than some of the more premium products on the market offering similar gains, there is no doubt this training aid offers excellent value for money.

The ability to significantly add to your distance over a short period of time has led to many top players giving fantastic feedback, and it’s easy to see why.

Adding anywhere between twenty-one to thirty yards in carry distance on to your drives and all after only six swings is a phenomenal return on your investment.

All things considered, we have no hesitation in naming the Momentus Men’s Speed Whoosh Golf Swing Trainer with Training Grip as the best golf training aid.

If you enjoyed this review and would like to let us know what you think, why not drop us a message via the comments box below.

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