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Best Golf Towel

Last Updated: May 28, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

If you are having trouble finding the right sort of towel to help you when you are golfing, don’t worry, we here at hack golf have reviewed all the top golf towels on the market to help you decide the best golf towel for you!

It can be tricky to find a golf towel that provides the durability and absorbability that you require when playing golf, and the choice out there can seem overwhelming at times.

In this review, we have gathered together five of the best golf towels and hopefully made your purchasing decision a little easier.

We will discuss each towel’s features, it’s pros and cons, and most importantly of all, whether it provides good value for money.

Hopefully, after reading this review, you will be significantly more knowledgeable about the top towels out there and hopefully agree with our choice of best golf towel.

Our Reviews

Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel

For anyone looking for an affordable golfing towel, then one of the best value towels on the market is the Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel.

Available in an extensive range of colors, it will be easy to find a towel to match your current bag, club, or style.

With an amazing waffle design that allows the towel to easily pick up dirt and grime from all of the dimples, lines, and crevices on your balls, this towel is great at getting into those hard to reach places.

A clever microfiber blend allows greater absorption and quick, easy cleaning of the dirtiest of golfing paraphernalia.

With a carabiner clip attached as standard, this towel allows you to easily carry it on your person, golfing bag, or golf cart and prevents you from losing your towel as you are traversing the green.

With its compact 16″ x 21″ size, the Mile High Life Tri-fold Golf Towel easily fits in your bag and takes up less space than your standard tick, heavy, cotton towel.

Budget friendly and excellent value given its impressive feature range, this towel is definitely one you should keep in mind if you are looking to pick up a bargain.


  • Easy to wash
  • Small and portable
  • Extensive range of colors


  • Not as durable as competitors

Fireball Golf Towel

If you are looking for an excellent golf towel that is stylish, eye-catching, and super absorbent, then look no further than the Fireball Golf Towel Gifts and Accessories Set.

For an extremely affordable price, not only do you get the opportunity to purchase this amazing towel in a choice of colors, but you also get two additional towels in this three-pack multi-buy offer.

With a 16″ x 16″ size, this towel is a convenient and perfect size to keep in your back pocket and yet has the absorption ability of a much larger towel.

The Fireball Golf Towel has an easy to use and durable carabiner clip that allows you to clip the towel to your bag, belt, or golf cart.

Lightweight and perfectly capable of cleaning out mud, dirt, and grass from the dimples and grooves in your clubs and balls.

With fast drying anti-microbial materials specifically designed to reduce odor from mildew and leftover grime, you needn’t worry about any bad smells emanating from the towel.

As an added bonus, not only do you get three towels in this accessory pack, but you also get a matching cleaning brush tool with its own carabiner as well as an additional magnetic divot marking tool.

Making an ideal gift for a golfer this towel set helps to ensure they never miss a shot from having grime or dirt on their clubs or balls.


  • Available in multiple colors
  • Multipack
  • Super Absorbent


  • Prone to attract detritus

Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel

Another Mile High towel in our list, but this one comes with several important additions and extra features.

The Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel comes with an amazing brush tool kit with an inbuilt club grove cleaner and even has a retractable extension cord and clip.

With an extensive color choice available, you can take your pick from ten different, high quality, and stylish color schemes, designed to make sure you stand out on the golf course for all the right reasons.

The towel itself has an excellent microfiber waffle pattern designed to clean even the most stubborn dirt, grass, mud, and grime off your clubs and golfing equipment.

Featuring a two-sided brush that can clean both irons and woods and even sports a groove cleaner to get into those hard to reach spots of dirt and grime.

An impressive 16″ x 21″ size is the perfect size to fit in your golf bag and yet still have the required absorption ability to clean and dry your golfing paraphernalia.

With an excellent price tag, this towel is amazing value for money given that you not only get a superb towel but an additional cleaning tool thrown in.


  • Excellent range of colors
  • Additional brush tool kit included
  • Versatile


  • Some colors may appear different up close

Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel

The Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel is a fantastic, eye-catching towel that shows off your personality on the course whilst offering exceptional features.

With its large frog motif emblazoned across the towel, your friends will certainly be able to recognize your towel.

The Frogger actually features two towels for the price of one, an inner layer of towel designed to clean your clubs and an outer more absorbable layer to dry them off.

This towel is so innovative and exceptional that it recently won the PGA Merchandise Show’s “Best New Product,” which shows you the acclaim with which it is thought.

Experienced and professional golfers have raved about this all-weather towel that allows you to use the inner towel to dry your hands or keep your grips dry.

With its ultra-absorbent outside layer, the towel is more than capable of cleaning dirt, mud, sand, and detritus off your club heads with minimal effort and mess.

Coming with an easy to use carabiner clip attachment to keep the towel off the ground, and with extra hand straps for added comfort and security, this towel is an exceptional piece of golfing equipment.


  • Eye-catching design
  • Easy attachment
  • Versatile


  • Inner "wet" pocket can dry out quickly

Uther Golf Towel

For any golfer looking for a premium golfing towel, then the Uther Golf Towel needs to definitely be considered.

One of the best golf towels on the market today, this exceptional and stylish towel comes with a premium price tag.

Coming in a range of impressive, high-end fashion prints that will definitely make you stand out on the course, the Uther Golf Towel is as fashionable as it is functional.

Boasting a unique blend of moisturize wicking and soft microfiber components, the Uther is three times more absorbent and five times more durable than your standard cotton towel.

Noticeably larger than competitors, the Maker’s of the Uther believe that when golfing for long periods, a large, super-absorbent towel is essential.

With its dual hang functionality, which includes a slit in the middle of the towel, as well as a handy hanging loop, you can always be sure that you will have the ability to hang this versatile towel up.

Specifically designed to not attract lint and not scratch any of your golfing equipment, the Uthers non-abrasive material ensures that even sensitive items like sunglasses and glossy drivers remain damage-free.

For golfers who are looking for a premium golf towel, this towel represents an excellent investment.


  • Exceptional design
  • Eye-catching color schemes
  • No scratch wiping


  • Premium price

Now that we have gone over some of the finer points of each specific towel, it is important to think about some of the other essential features we are looking for in a golf towel, and what criteria need to be fulfilled to be able to pick which towel is the best golf towel.

Style & pattern

The first thing that you need to consider when looking to purchase a golf towel is how distinctive do you want the towel to be?

Some of the towels we have featured have a variety of color schemes and patterns that are appropriate on a different course at different times for different golfers.

Another question you need to ask yourself is, are you looking to match your towel to the color scheme of your other golfing paraphernalia?

If so, please look closely at the towel and see if the color that you desire is one that they provide.

It is also worth noting on this point that colors shown online may vary significantly when seen up close and in person.

Another important point to consider is, does the golf course you play on have a strict dress code?

If yes, you will more than likely need a towel that comes in a more muted, appropriate color scheme.

If you have frequent a course that has more relaxed standards of dress, how eye-catching do you want to be?

If you are looking to make a statement, many of the towels featured have such broad color scheme pallets that you will undoubtedly find something to suit your personal preferences.

The final point to consider when looking at the towel from an aesthetic perspective is one of patterns.

Many golfers prefer their towels to be plain, functional, and modest, whereas other golfers want to stand out on the course and want a towel that shows off their personality.

Some of the towels reviewed above have fun and eye-catching patterns emblazoned on them, but only you can know if they will suit your golfing needs.

Design & materials

The next feature of golf towels we need to consider is one of the specific technical design specifications and material composition.

The make up of the towel, be it polyester, cotton, microfiber, or a blend of all of these, is one that will have a massive impact on the towels’ functionality and usefulness to you.

Some of the towels featured in this review have been designed and woven with a specific technical pattern that is thought to be better at getting in the grooves and lines in both balls and clubs.

Others have inner linings designed to wet wipe dirty clubs or pockets crates to keep the rain off grips.

Many of the towels have carabiners attaches or multiple hanging loops.

Precisely what you are using the towel for, will help you decide if a specific towels features and functionality are best for you.

Additional features & products

Many of the towels we have reviewed come as a multipack or as part of a wider kit.

If you are looking to invest just in a towel and nothing else and want to ensure you get the best golf towel for your budget, maybe these multi-buy towels are not suitable.

If, however, you are wanting an excellent towel and are happy to receive multiple additional items, then at least one of our towels should suit your needs.

Price & value for money

The most important part of this purchasing decision relates to your personal budget and what you expect to get for that.

All of the towels featured on this review have previously been highly rated and are made from excellent materials, whether they meet your requirements or are out of your budget only you can know.

The important part of any budget though, is sticking to it, and it is important to know that while some of the more premium options featured in this review are certainly eye-catching, there are more budget-friendly options available.


After considering all of the above factors, we here at Hack Golf have decided to award the Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel our winner and name it the best golf towel on the market.

Boasting exceptional absorption and with its clever waffle design is able to clean clubs of mud, grass, sand, and dirt better than many of its competitors.

Coming with an additional brush tool kit that allows you to wipe off tough dirt easily from your clubs without leaving scratches, this impressive towel certainly provides value for money.

Available in a range of colors and with a hard-wearing and sturdy aluminum carabiner, this towel is as durable as it is eye-catching.

Competitively priced and containing in its additional kit, high quality golfing equipment in their own right, the Mile High Life Microfiber Waffle Pattern Tri-fold Golf Towel is an amazing investment for any golfer.

What do you think of our choice of the best golf towel? Let us know if you agree or have any other comments about golfing towels.

Why not leave us a message via the comments box below, and until then we wish you good golfing.

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