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Best Golf Shoes

Last Updated: January 29, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

There are many factors that must be considered when trying to find the best golf shoes for your game.

Bad shoes can cause more damage than you think. Back pain, corns, cramp, blisters, numbness, pins and needles can all affect your golf game. The last thing you need is an ache or pain in your foot or ankle when you’re teeing off.

Do you want a breathable shoe? Would you prefer comfort or sturdiness? Do you need a good grip? Is it important that they be waterproof? What shoes are in your price range? Do you want a flat sole or spiked sole?

These are all things that must be included in your decision, and this guide will help you find the perfect fit.

Our Reviews

Adidas Men's Tech Response Golf Shoes

Whether you’re doing a quick 9 holes after work or a longer 36, these shoes will provide you with both comfort and stability throughout the whole experience.

The sporty style gives you the option to wear them outside the course too.

The traction on this Adidas Tech Response shoe is exceptional – the 6 spiked sole provides you with an extremely stable golf stance.


  • Soft Eva Insole Creates Comfort and Cushioning
  • Choice of Color Design
  • Replaceable 6-spike Configuration with ThinTech Low-Profile Technology for Improved Traction and Stability
  • Breathable Shoe with Lightweight Insoles
  • Machine Washable


  • Not Waterproof

Adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoes

This shoe offers pretty much the whole package.

Offering both a lightweight design and a sturdy, durable sole, these shoes will make your golfing experience a lot more comfortable. Adidas really did have your comfort in mind when designing this shoe, from the enhanced breathability to the lightweight mesh.  

You certainly won’t get sore feet with these shoes, no matter how long you’re on your feet. Whether you’re doing 36, 18 or 9 holes, EVA foam on the inside of the sole will provide you with cushioning throughout each step, stoke, and swing.

The 4.0 version is only slightly more expensive than the standard Adidas Tech Response shoe.


  • EVA Form Inside Sole
  • Six Spike Sole for Great Grip
  • Lightweight Mesh Design
  • Breathable Fabrics


  • Not Waterproof
  • Poor Arch Support

Adidas Men's Forgefiber Boa Golf Shoes

These spikeless golf shoes are great if you’re looking for comfort during your session.

With the BOA lacing system, these shoes will give you the perfect fit and the spikeless outsole adds to the sleek, comfortable design.

These shoes look extremely comfortable and supportive, so walking long distances should feel like a breeze in these premium price shoes. Adidas have used a boost midsole for added cushioning, so it truly will feel like you’re walking on a cloud. 

Although not entirely waterproof, climastorm technology provides breathable protection in wet weather.

You can grab a pair for under $200, and these are certainly a great investment if you’re an enthusiastic golfer.

The Spikeless Puremotion outsole enhances flexibility and grip with its X-Traxion primary lugs. This also adds grip and balance, which is exactly what you need in a game of golf.


  • Extra Stability with an Onsite Sock-Liner
  • Eye Catching Design
  • Better Fit with the BOA Closure System


  • Less Sturdy and Less Durable Than Other Shoes on the Market
  • Not Waterproof

FootJoy Men's Fj Originals Golf Shoes

These classic looking FJ’s are an all-round great pair of golf shoes, perfect for dewy mornings, rainy days and uneven terrain.

With soft, stylish leather uppers, these shoes are very aesthetically pleasing.

Not only do they look great, but they’re also super sturdy and supportive – FJ are known for their reliable construction, and these shoes are a great example of this. 

The DuraMax rubber outsole is durable and provides exceptional traction and stability during your game.

If you have wider feet, it may be worth getting a slightly larger size, as these have been known to be quite tight-fitting.


  • 100% Waterproof
  • Sleek, Fashionable Design
  • TPU Outsole Resistant to Splitting and Abrasion
  • Leather Uppers


  • Poor Breathability

Callaway Men's Balboa TRX Golf Shoes

These cushioned Callaway’s are great for absorbing traction while perfecting your swing.

The Opti-Soft technology used in the sole adds extra comfort and adjusts to your stroke, and the Opti-Vent fabric enhances breathability, so whether you’re playing in 100-degree weather or on a rainy afternoon, these shoes will provide you with the comfort needed to complete your game with ease.

You won’t have a problem playing golf in the rain or on a damp course, as these Balboa golf shoes are waterproof, with a dura-rubber outsole for that extra security.

Although the material may scuff slightly after some time, be assured that these shoes are durable and great value for money. These shoes are also super easy to clean, so don’t worry about getting them muddy, just give them a quick wipe and they’ll be fine.

These shoes are great for if you’re walking the course, as comfort is the real highlight of this product.


  • Lightweight Design
  • Great Grip with a 7-spiked Rubber Outsole
  • Extremely Breathable Opti-Vent Fabric


  • Less Sturdy Than Other Shoes on the Market

If your golf shoes are bad, your game will be, too. The grip of the shoe needs to be strong as it’s possible to slip slightly, and this can knock your stroke off direction.

If you’re walking long distances, your golf shoes also needs to be comfortable.

Your golf game can be significantly affected by shoes you choose, so it pays to have the best.


Comfort is one of the most important things to consider when deciding which shoes are best for your golfing experience.

If you’re doing a standard 18 hole game, that’s approximately 3.9 miles.

That’s a long way to be walking in an uncomfortable shoe.

Blisters, bunions, and cramp are the last thing you want on your mind when perfecting your swing.

Extra support or a foamy, cushioned sole may be just what you need to improve your game!


Sturdiness can make or break a shoe, literally.

If your shoe isn’t strong and sturdy, it can cause the shoe to wear and break easily.

Not only that, it affects your posture – if you want a great swing, your posture needs to be perfect.

A strong, well made pair of golf shoes won’t get split by twigs or any other stray objects on the course.

Sturdy golf shoes may not be too comfortable, so it’s important to prioritize what is more important to your feet – comfort or stability?

Some shoes have all, but they usually come at a price.


It’s rare to find a golf shoe that provides comfort, sturdiness, traction, and looks good too, particularly when working within a tight budget.

High quality usually means high price, but you’ll be glad to know, that you can get a decent golf shoe for less than $50.

A good pair of golf shoes sold by a trusted brand, that will provide your feet with the support you need whilst looking stylish, being breathable and comfortable can set you back $200.

Price is always a factor when it comes to making a purchasing decision, so be sure to stick to your budget and set priorities.


You should also give consideration to whether or not you’d like your golf shoes to be spiked.

Spikes not only provide a strong grip, they allow golfers to do quick turns and swings without slipping.

However, it’s known that spikes can make the shoe heavier, which may not be ideal when walking the course.

Precision is key when getting the perfect stroke, and being even a fraction off balance on one hole can ruin your game.

Golf shoes with traction usually appear bulkier and may not have a sleek, sporty appearance that some prefer.


It’s been said that looking good on the outside can make you feel good on the inside.

You want your shoes to look good and you want to feel good wearing them, right?

Golf shoes come in lots of different designs, whether it be the classic saddle shoe or a more sporty looking shoe.

Do you want colours, stripes, funky patterns? Or do you want to go for a plain black sports shoe?

There are countless designs out there to choose from, and choices of lace, heel, and uppers.

Materials are also a big part of the appearance.

You could choose leather uppers or a mesh shoe design, which is also great for breathability.

This factor is probably based largely on personal opinion, but is an important factor nonetheless.


Laces ensure that your foot stays securely inside your golf shoe.

If you choose a lace that easily comes untied then you could very easily lose balance, which is something that should be factored in when considering posture on the green.

BOA laces take protecting your feet to a whole new level, with an adjustable wire fastening, this patented lacing system makes fastening laces a much quicker process.

Used most commonly in ski boots, these laces are becoming increasingly popular in protective equipment like firemen boots and hikers.

To adjust the lace looseness, you simply have to twist a knob.


A lightweight golf shoe is always best for walking around the course.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being weighed down by your shoes.

Heavier shoes and sturdiness usually come hand in hand (or foot in foot), which can be a pro for those who drive around the course and have powerful swings.

A lighter, more flexible shoe may be more beneficial to those with more adjusted, slower swingers, and obviously those who opt to walk the green.

Waterproof shoes can also add some weight to the shoe, as usually things are waterproofed by denser materials such as leather.

Most shoe brands these days do offer lightweight designs tailored to golfing needs.


The FJ Originals are extremely stylish golf shoes, but they lack in other aspects, such as breathability.

More breathable shoes include both the Adidas Forgefiber BOA shoes and the Callaway Balboa TRX shoes.

The Adidas Forgefiber shoe also looks extremely comfortable and lightweight, but doesn’t offer the sturdiness and grip that the Adidas Tech Response 4.0 golf shoes offers.

The golf shoes that comes out on top of our list for the best golf shoes, with a stylish design and a trusted brand is the Adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe.

You can choose from a subtle grey design to a more striking black and white design, and they can appear both trendy and casual.

These shoes are great if you’re on a budget and they have a 6 spike configuration with a thick breathable soul.

This shoe is best for walking long distances without getting blisters or experiencing any discomfort on your golfing journey.

While an extremely sturdy shoe, it’s a good balance between supportive and comfortable.

The original Adidas Tech Response shoes are also great, and are slightly more affordable, meaning they’re a great choice for golfers with a tighter budget.

What’s the most important thing you look for when choosing the best golf shoes?

Do you agree with our winner?

Let us know in the comments below.

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