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Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Last Updated: May 14, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

Everyone looks back fondly on their prime, but the nature of time itself means that this is a period that can’t and won’t last forever. As the years go by, many golfers will notice that their swing speeds begin to gradually decrease, and golf balls can become harder to see.

Don’t let this dismay you, because these changes don’t mean you can’t continue to enjoy playing, and that’s why it’s important to accommodate.

In this article, we’re going to break down what makes the best golf balls for seniors.

To continue to enjoy the sport you love, choosing a golf ball that tackles these deficiencies will go a long way in helping you get back on track. With the help of a few useful tips, you’ll be back to achieving results in no time.

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Titleist DT TruSoft Golf Balls (One Dozen)

If you’re looking for a soft feel, then The Titleist DT TrueSoft Golf Balls Set could be the right choice for you.

These balls have a larger core than most models. It’s a low compression TruTouch core with the ability to deliver low spin. This will give you more distance on your shots and create a soft feel that will satisfy many users.

Moving on from the core, the ball has a TruFlex Cover that uses Titleist technology to contribute to the soft feel and increases short game spin, which can improve your all-round performance.

These balls will give you the distance you desire and they also have long, consistent ball flight. This will be important for reaching areas that you may find more difficult as you grow older.

This is due to the advanced aerodynamics that was employed in the design process.

This is an affordable set of golf balls that is highly rated by users, making it popular on the market. Lightweight and easy to ship, this is a good quality product that will satisfy many.

If you would rather use a yellow ball instead of white, then this set also has that option, so you can make a decision based upon your visibility preferences.


  • Consistent ball flight
  • Short game performance
  • Long distance
  • Soft feel


  • Limited color options

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist has another entry here with the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls set. Titleist is a subsidiary of Acushnet and is known primarily for its high-quality golf balls, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you’re out there on the golf course.

This set of balls will offer you consistency throughout your game. With a high trajectory and flight, you won’t struggle to hit desired distances when using one of the Tour Softballs.

Your short game can also benefit, as these balls feature a great deal of control.

These advanced features could all come down to the fact that with this particular ball, Titleist has designed its largest core ever. This also increases the responsive feel that you get upon impact, which will help you when analyzing your game.

As the title suggests, these balls have a soft feel like many other golf balls on the market. This is partly due to the ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover, which was designed by using some of the most advanced technological tools at Titleist’s behest.

With advanced short game control and advanced flight, this is a ball that will be sure to please players of all abilities.


  • Advanced flight
  • Soft feel
  • Short game control
  • High ball speed and distance


  • Limited color options

Bridgestone Golf e12 Soft Golf Balls

The Bridgestone e12 Soft Golf Balls Set comes in four attractive color options that you can choose from. They look good and are full of exciting features that might make them the right fit for you.

With an active acceleration mantle, this ball will benefit from a high trajectory and increased thrust levels.

This is through the designing process in which high-performance polymer material was used, with added surfactant. Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? It’s clear that Bridgestone put a lot of effort into the design of these balls, and it shows.

The balls also have a delta wing dimple pattern, which reduces drag and creates a smoother airflow for when the ball is in flight, meaning you won’t struggle to reach your destination.

Many of the previous balls we have looked at were two-piece balls, but the Bridgestone e12 set is three-piece.

The added layer allows the core to be even softer, which is sure to delight players who are seeking the benefits of softer golf balls.

This also increases forgiveness and ensures less spin in your long game, so you don’t need to worry as much about those off-center shots that we all struggle with from time to time.


  • High velocity on impact
  • Increased thrust
  • Smooth airflow
  • Less drag


  • Three-piece balls tend to reach less distance

Srixon AD333 Golf Balls

The Srixon AD333 Golf Balls set is another good quality set of golf balls that you might want to consider if you’re a senior player.

Unfortunately, these balls do not come in multiple color options, but if that is not something you’re concerned with then they’ll be suitable in many other areas.

They are designed to remove certain deficiencies from your game. The reduced drag will give you a consistent trajectory that will improve your overall performance.

Alongside this, it will also give you added distance control and shot dispersion, meaning you will find it much easier to play the type of shots you want to play.

If you’re struggling with the launch, then this ball could be for you. It is fitted with an improved energetic gradient growth core.

This means you could see better launch from the moment you start using the Srixon AD333, without losing any of your greenside performance.

The ball gets progressively more firm from the center to the exterior, which will increase the speed you get upon impact.

Some players might not like this firm feel and will prefer a softer ball, so this is worth taking into consideration when it comes to making your decision.


  • Increased launch
  • Reduced drag
  • Consistent trajectory


  • Might be too firm for some players

It can be frustrating to play the sport you love and not have the right equipment to enjoy it. Golf balls come in a variety of styles and it’s important to get the right one, especially as you grow older.

To find the perfect senior golf ball, you’ll need to be conscious of the various factors that can make or break a ball. Once you’re on the golf course, you won’t want to drive all the way home due to faulty, ineffective balls, so it’s essential that you make the right choice.

With this guide, you’ll be out on the course in no time enjoying the sport you love.

What is the Point in Senior Golf Balls?

An unavoidable fact of age is that as you grow older, certain abilities will decrease. Things that used to come easily may start to fall behind, and you begin to notice your scores getting worse.

For some older players, one major issue is that their swing speed just isn’t what it used to be, and so many senior golf balls were designed as a remedy to this issue.

This is why senior players should take into consideration the sort of purchase they’re making. The way in which a ball is made contributes to its performance and there are various factors that go into the design process.


When it comes to senior golf balls, a lower compression ball is usually the best choice. This is due to the fact that lower compression balls tend to have a lower trajectory and travel further, meaning you will be able to reach distances that are more difficult than they used to be.


There are two main types of construction to choose from, two-piece and three-piece. There are benefits and downsides to both, so let’s look at what they are.

Most senior players struggling with distance would probably favor a two-piece ball, as they can help to improve areas in which you may be lacking.

If you have a slow to average swing speed and are looking to increase distances, then a two-piece ball should do the job. However, you might lose some control, and that’s where the three-piece ball steps in.

With a three-piece ball, you can get more control and spin, meaning you won’t suffer from the inaccuracy that can plague many of us on the course. Sadly, you may also lose some distance, but it’s all about what you prioritize, and which areas you feel you need to improve.

Ball Cover

The exterior of the ball is often referred to as the ball cover. These come in a variety of materials and contribute towards the general performance of a ball, and for senior players, a softer cover is often preferential.

Two materials that are used to make ball covers are surlyn and urethane.

Surlyn is a great material for senior players as it can offer a low trajectory, high level of control, and straighter shots from impact and beyond. They are also pretty durable, which is something to consider when choosing golf balls.

A faulty golf ball can negatively affect your performance and leave you feeling disappointed and confused.

Urethane is the pricier option, but if you’re still playing at a high level then you might want to look for a urethane ball. They give higher backspin and are favored by some pro players.

Price and Quality

Most important is that you get a ball you enjoy playing with, which is easy to use and increases your performance levels without being too expensive.

There are many options available on the market, so it’s important to take all of the above into consideration when making your choice.


After weighing up the pros and cons of each product, the golf balls we feel are the best are the Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls.

This set of golf balls sells well on the market and is highly rated by users, making it a clear favorite with many golfing enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to make up for some of the distance you might be lacking with age, these balls will have you covered, and what’s more is they’ll do that whilst still providing you with solid, accurate results.

If it’s speed you’re looking for, the ultra-low compression core is an impressive feature that is sure to please you, and give you the consistency and results you desire.

Another technological treat that makes this the option we consider to be best is the reduced drag and enhanced lift.

With a great feel and increased greenside control, it’s no surprise that users have reported positive results. Not only are these balls high performing, but they’re also affordable too, so you don’t need to worry about your budget.

So, when you’re looking to find the best golf balls for seniors, this set is likely to deliver, but what are your thoughts on this topic? Leave your thoughts in a comment, and don’t forget to share with fellow golfers!

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