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Best Golf Bags

Last Updated: April 22, 2020
Mark Woods
Product Review by Mark Woods

Choosing one of the best golf bags for your game will provide you with the right equipment for any eventualities that might happen on the green.

The right golf bag will have enough space for your golf clubs, gloves, golf balls, umbrella, waterproofs, tape, cash, food, drink, and other personal valuables. If your current bag is showing signs of deterioration then it’s time to upgrade to one of the newer and more efficient models on the current market.

There are two types of golf bags to choose from. The first type is a carry bag and the second is a cart bag. Carry bags have two shoulder straps and are optimal for walking players. Cart bags are used by the pros on the PGA tour.

Golf bags are essential regardless of your skill level because they provide protection to your expensive golf clubs, personal items, and accessories.

We’ve reviewed five of the best golf bags on the market to help you find the bag that matches your style and game.

Our Reviews

Eagole Super Light Golf Cart Bag

Are you looking for a no-frills cart bag that provides a high-quality experience? If so, the Eagole cart bag will interest you!

The 14-way divider top provides excellent quality and protection that golfers love. The 9 pockets include two full-length pockets for apparel, two pockets for valuables with velour-lining and an insulated cooler pocket that can hold eight bottles of 12-ounce cans plus four thin ice packs. 

The full-length club dividers offer a space for every club and the front slot is perfect for an oversized grip putter. The comfortable strap on the back provides easy transportation and a rain hood is included.

The lightweight design of this cart bag includes easy grab access handles for a quick on-off from the cart, along with plenty of storage for your course essentials. 

The side pockets are generous and easy to access and the front ball pockets should hold a dozen balls. 

The fabric construction of this cart bag feels durable and provides protection against water damage. 

An added perk to this bag is its sleek style. If you’re fashion-conscious, it’s hard to go wrong with this classic design. Be prepared for lots of compliments on the course!


  • 14-way divider system that allows the clubs to breathe inside the bag
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Durable construction
  • Includes a luxurious cooler pocket for keeping drinks and food cool
  • Multiple pockets allow you to carry shoes, umbrellas, towels and valuables inside your bag


  • A very simple golf bag

Sun Mountain 2019 C-130 Golf Cart Bag

Sun Mountain boasts a long history of creating beautiful carts and stand bags that deliver premium features and unmatched durability. Unsurprisingly, the C-130 is a phenomenal golf bag.

This golf bag is perfect for golfers that require plenty of space and great design choices. 

Also, the Sun Mountain C-130 provides ease of use to beginners, therefore all skill levels will have no problems getting used to it. 

Style is responsible for turning the 2019 C-130 into one of the more desirable choices in the mid-priced range.

Buyers have a choice of black, navy, camo, black-woodland-camo, chilli-gunmetal, cactus-black-infernal, cobalt-black, gunmetal-black-red, iron-cement, navy-white-red, iron gunmetal-gray-lime, and navy-gray. 

The fourteen individual club dividers provide you with plenty of room to organize your best clubs. Plus, there’s up to ten pockets that provide golfers more than enough space for their accessories and personal extras. 

The little zipper compartment under the top pouch as well as under the logo C-130 on both sides are fur-lined to hold your keys, cell phone, wallet, and other valuables. The large two side compartments are rubber lined with drain holes to hold drinks or rain gear.

The frozen gel packs keep drinks cold and the bag comes with a club cover that snaps on. This is an excellent bag from Sun Mountain and a great pick if you need a lot of space.


  • Provides plenty of space
  • Durable composition
  • Perfect for golfers of all skill levels
  • Waterproof
  • Frozen gel packs for keeping drinks cold
  • Rubber lined side compartments


  • Not budget friendly
  • Could feel bulky

Izzo Golf Versa Hybrid Golf Bag

The Izzo Golf Versa Bag combines the stand mechanism of a carry bag with the club dividers and storage from a cart bag. 

From carrying to cart use, the Versa is engineered to provide versatility for every golfer’s needs.  Plus, you can make your new bag exclusive to you by personalizing the front ball pocket.  

The Versa Bag’s dividers combine the storage of a cart bag with the lightweight and compact design of a stand bag. This is perfect for golfers who like to walk and use a cart.

Are you the type of golfer who likes listening to music on the course? Keep your electronics fully charged thanks to the rechargeable and portable Power Pocket. 

The ergonomic design easily balances your bag for effortless carrying with only one strap that’s padded for support.

Additional features include an insulated bottle pocket, velcro glove holder, durable leg mechanism, metal towel loop with built-in bottle opener and leg strap that protects legs during travel and cart use.

There are two pockets in the front that don’t have a zipper, you just pull the flap and it opens. Once released, it closes by itself saving valuable seconds for your game.

This a fantastic choice for frequent and experienced golfing addicts.  


  • Engineered to provide versatility
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Front ball pocket is personalizable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect for experienced golfers
  • Lithium battery power pocket


  • Not budget friendly

Founders Club Premium Cart Bag

The Founders Club Cart Bag is unique with a 14-way top and anti-rattle technology. This technology locks in your irons to prevent them from moving around and crashing against each other.

Do you hate the way your current bag allows your irons to bump into each other while you’re walking or driving the cart? If the answer is yes, this bag will solve that problem!

All of the features that you would expect from a great quality cart bag can be found in this Founders Club model. The insulated cooler pocket, lined valuables pocket, and two side handles will satisfy golfers of all skill levels.

The 14-way divider system provides each club with a protective rubberized slot holding each grip away from the other. There’s no rattles, no club damage, and knowing where every club sits in your bag – three features that every driver really appreciates.

If you regularly drive a motorized cart, this is the right bag for you. The bag delivers excellent convenience from reaching into the ice pocket for a cold drink or a quick retrieval of your phone or other valuables from the fur-lined protective pocket.

The slots fit most irons up to 1.5” length for steel shafts and 0.5” for graphite shafts.


  • Reinforced base for sturdiness and durability
  • High-quality cooler pocket that keeps your drinks cold for the whole round
  • Unique 14-way divider top with anti-rattle slots
  • Separate insulated pocket for your valuables


  • Not much choice between colors - may be too plain for some golfers.

TaylorMade Golf TM Stand Golf Bag 5.0

If you’re looking for an attractive, well made, lightweight golf bag, this may be the one for you.

The TaylorMade 5.0 comes in a choice of 5 designs and colors, so you can go for a striking blue or white design, or the standard black or grey.

With 11 pockets, this bag has slightly less than others on the market, but it’s also slightly more lightweight than others. 

Included in the 11 pockets is a velour-lined valuables pocket, so rest assured that your phone and camera will stay safe in this bag.

This bag will also protect your clubs and other golfing necessities with a built-in rain-hood. If you’re bothered by aesthetics, do not worry as the hood matches the design perfectly.

Also included in the 11 pockets is a holder for your water – and we all know how important it is to stay hydrated during your game.

This bag is perfect for beginners due to its simplicity. It’s not overdone with unnecessary straps and pockets – it’s got just the right amount for a standard game of golf. 

There’s nothing worse than the feeling of sharp clubs digging into your side, and luckily this stand bag comes with an EVA molded hip pad, which provides added comfort during your walks across the course,


  • The EVA molded hip pad limits pressure points for added comfort
  • The automatic, anti-slit stand has non-slip foot pads
  • Built-in water holder
  • Ergonomic dual-strap carrying system has air mesh for comfort


  • There’s only a 4-way top and 1 full-length divider
  • Less pockets than others on the market

How to Find the Best Golf Bags

Here are some of the qualities and features that you should identify and consider before purchasing your new golf bag.

Full-length dividers

Full-length dividers are an underrated feature and are necessary for golfers with modified or expensive clubs. The dividers keep the clubs separate from each other to prevent scratches and damages. Full-length dividers are the minimum that you should strive for when looking for a high-quality golf bag.

Putter/Driver Wells

Similar to the dividers, the putter/driver wells prevent head damage from occurring while your clubs are in the bag. Losing your favorite putter or driver is a heartbreaking experience. If you’re prone to loss or damage, make sure your new bag is equipped with this feature.


  • Cooler Pocket – The cooler pocket is the perfect place to keep your beverages or snacks. It’s a fantastic feature that will keep you hydrated and fed during hot days. Golfers that are feeling generous can even fit a six-pack into a single cooling compartment. Always check how large the cooler pocket is before purchasing a specific bag.
  • Water Resistant Pockets – This is an important feature if you want to protect items like phones or other electronics that are inside the golf bag. Therefore, if you forgot to bring your rain hood, your valuables will be protected inside the pockets.
  • Velour Lined Valuables Pocket – Anything that’s scratchable should be kept inside your velour-lined valuables pocket. The velour is silky smooth and will protect whatever is in the pocket regardless of your motions.
  • Apparel Pockets – Apparel pockets let you store your change of clothes and sometimes will provide enough space for an extra change of shoes. Sometimes, the pocket is large enough that it carries two separate apparel pockets.


A golf bag that looks sleek with aesthetic colors can provide the golfer with boosted confidence for their best day on the course. Most manufacturers have realized the desire for an attractive bag and have designed their newest bags centered around function without sacrificing on style. After all, no golfer wants to show up for a round with an ugly bag with mismatched colors.


Amateur golfers often overlook the important detail of the bags’ weight. A common mistake that beginners make is purchasing a bad with a ton of pockets or another unnecessary feature that adds weight and unnecessary time spent on the course.

This is important for golfers who like to walk the course. Most stand bags try to keep the weight of the bag as light as possible.

If you’re looking for a new cart bag, the weight is less of a consideration but for those looking for a stand bag, you should understand how the heft affects the bag’s functionality.


Whether you decide to choose a stand or cart bag, you must research and do your due diligence in finding a bag that withstands the ordeal of a trip to the course.

If you choose a stand bag, focus on the durability of the legs that hold up the bag. Consider what materials are used to build the legs – are they carbon fiber or aluminum? Carbon fiber is light and sometimes shatterproof.

If you’re looking for a stand bag, consider the padded opening of the bag because this is the area that will first show damage due to the rubbing of clubs during any travel.

Should I Go For a Stand or Cart Bag?

There are several differences to consider when choosing between a stand or cart bag.

Finding a durable bag with high-quality legs is a must. Most stand bags legs built from carbon fiber are lightweight and have terrific strength.

You should also consider that stand bags are lighter and less rigid than cart bags and can potentially break down easier. Keeping your stand bag clean and stored properly will make sure that your bag lasts.

Cart bags require a place to stand when storing. If you want to keep your cart bag healthy, find a safe space in your garage for the bag to stand.

Cart bags have extra padding that lines the opening of your bag. After a while, the padding will wear down as your clubs rub against it during play. This is the area that your bag will show wear and tear, so pay close attention.

The main difference between a stand and cart bag is the weight. Cart bags are noticeably heavier than stand bags.


Whether you’ve been searching for a carry or cart bag, golfing brands have increased the quality and attractiveness of their products so there’s always something for everyone.

Now that we’ve shared our knowledge on how to find the best golf bags, we can share with your our top pick from the five that we reviewed.

Our favorite of the golf bags is the Sun Mountain C-130. We love this bag because it’s perfect for golfers of all skill levels and comes in a range of fashionable colors.

The Sun Mountain C-130 has up to ten pockets for their accessories and extras. The zipper has a fur lining to hold your keys, wallet and cell phone. Plus the large two side compartments have drain holes for your drinks and rain gear.

The frozen gel packs are great for keeping your drinks cold.

What did you think of our picks?

Don’t forget to share this post and tell us which brand makes your favorite golf bag!

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